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What I Really Think About Law of Attraction

What I Really Think About Law of Attraction

Have you ever had days like this?

So…I’m wondering if you’ve ever experienced LOA working even when you were not feeling positive?

We hear all about this in the manifestation world/business/goal achievement world that you must feel good for the LOA (law of attraction) to work in your favour.  Hmmmm….I don’t thing so.

I’ve noticed in my life that it’s visualization and time spent in quiet envisioning my miracles, hopes and dreams and NOT the emotions from day to day that seem to make things happen.

I have soooo many experiences of this that I do not believe how we feel day to day really even matters.
It’s how we picture and live in that picture and REALLY FEEL that we are in that image we create.  THAT’S where the feelings matter.

Negative day to day feelings don’t matter nearly as much as seeing ourselves succeeding even with the negative feelings.

I guess if Law of Attraction really is a law then it doesn’t really matter what I think!  It’s going to work it’s magic in my life regardless.

Intention, intention, intention…that’s where the gold is.

Inspirata Collective

Inspirata Collective

Dear Beautiful Friend,

I have had this creation living in my mind since 2013.

It’s called Inspirata and it’s a collective of women who create purpose in their lives and prosperity in their work through staying super-connected to spirit.

This spiritual foundation, our connection with our innermost self and our connection with our eternal self, is actually THE thing that feels most important to us.

It’s our sanctuary. It’s the nest we seek to replenish and find solace.
It’s what allows us to thrive as we serve our clients, our patients, our students, our customers, our families and our friends.

I let go of my Inspirata idea when my life changed and I found myself single (again) living on my own, navigating a divorce and trying to figure out how my life was going to work.

All my energies went into survival.

I don’t know that it was the right move, to be honest, putting all my energies into survival instead of creativity. Maybe if I’d continued on with my creative ideas then, that whole transition might have been a little easier on me. Maybe not.

What I do know is that I have many more skills and inner resources now because of that transition time. As you know, I’ve used essential oils as part of the last bit of my emotional recovery this last year. This gathering is not about the oils though.

This is about our spirits, desires, plans and lives having more power and impact when we create (at least in part) as a collective.

During January 2018’s super-blue-blood-lunar-eclipse I felt a huge surge of energy to bring people together. It kind of took over actually…to the point that I found myself on Vistaprint making invites and cards for this and not knowing how to actually get it all going with dates and place and what I would offer to you exactly.

Because the surge of energy was so purposeful, I didn’t want to not do it.
I really wanted to DO it. So I did it.

And it was beautiful!


Now…I’m inviting you to be part of the next Inspirata Collective gathering.

I envisioned these circles as a kind of celebration. Together we create space to create clarity in some area of our lives or business.

Relaxed, supportive, gentle gatherings with the potential for healing and understanding. Experiences that uplift your sense of self, support prosperity and nurture a sense of thriving in life.

Our first gathering was during the full moon in March on Friday, March 2 at my home in the afternoon.  The full moon considered a cosmically impactful time to release that which you no longer need.

These gatherings are not yet regular but if you’d like to be included in the next one, please let me know.

I would love to see you here.

with love!

Your Big Dream

Your Big Dream

I had already lived out and created my big dream.

I recently realized that the gap between where I am now and my big dream was that I didn’t think the next dream could be BIG.

I’d already created something truly impactful and huge that consumed me body mind and soul…for many years.

What I finally figured out was to be ok with leaving the other dream behind and creating a new dream. To fall in love with a new dream and my new life and a new way of moving through my days.

To fall in love with a new dream is to be committed enough to being in that limnal space studying, practicing, meditating, visualizing….dreaming.

Remembering how to dream.


Interconnected universe {#4 in my series on resilience}

Interconnected universe {#4 in my series on resilience}

Knowing, also, as even the scientific world attests, that we are apart of an interconnected universe, in which the smallest movement of a butterfly’s wing could actually have an effect on the whole system, I can imagine that each of us generates ripples of influence through who we are, what we do whether we love and if we pray and that someday we shall know.

(Jean Shinoda Bolen)


People who can access friendships during times of transformation and tumult, experience greater resilience.  And it only takes one friend.

I’ve been so lucky!  I’ve had a handful of friends this year who have listened to me, called, texted, messaged, skyped, prayed, imagined, laughed and laughed and laughed and sat quietly and taken it all in.   They’ve just been present and that presence has increased my balance and made it possible to quietly move forward.

They haven’t been the friendships I’ve nurtured in the last 15 years either.

Go figure.

They have been super old ones from childhood and high school.  And super new baby ones from my new life as an intuitive life coach.

Fascinating. (to me)


Resilience + A Super Simple Map to Check Your Location {#3 in my series on resilience}

Resilience + A Super Simple Map to Check Your Location {#3 in my series on resilience}

I was in the midst of a series of posts on resilience when my own life rose up in a huge distracting way and I needed to put all my mental, emotional, spiritual, financial resources toward facilitating this HUGE shift.   Reserves of resilience were required.


There is soooo much research now on this topic from studying survivors + thrivers of the various holocausts around the world, survivors of abuse, survivors of extreme challenges, thrivers in business.

Dr. Borysenko says knowing the Map of the Territory (3 stages) is helpful in navigating your own life challenges and impending transformations.  Sounds simple, right?

1.  First you die to who you were.

It’s understanding that whether it’s an illness or a life challenge, you realize you are no longer who you were and you have yet to become who you will be.

For me, I had to die to the idea that my marriage and home life were workable.  That life was clearly over.  That dream died.  Quickly.  Unexpectedly.  Once I accepted this I moved and took charge completely of creating a new beginning.

2. The Limnal Phase. 

Be patient with the unknown.  You are at a threshold of a new life.  You are living in the time between no longer and not yet and you can’t rush through.  You have lessons to learn.

So much of the last 3 years of my life felt limnal.  Who was I after closing my children’s music school?  Will I be able to successfully work as an intuitive life coach with my new training?  Who am I without all the people and activities that kept my life in place?

Even though this crumbling of my marriage really should logically require time in the limnal phase, I feel that walking away from that world was right at the edge of my limnality. 

3.  The Return to Life. 

This is where you come back to life.  You return with a soul that is deeper, more compassionate and wiser.

I’ve moved back to the city.  I’m back in the throes of the energies of a more urban life.  Back at the gym.  Meeting new people.  I’m starting to imagine my life beyond all my losses of the last few years.  I still rest more than I used to.  But my appetite is returning.  I’m cooking.  I’m beginning to create in my art studio.  I’m playing with my favorite folk orchestra again.

It’s a beginning.  I’m juuust on the edge of my new life.  Not always happily.  Yet. 

Not always able to not look back.  Still I’m not imagining that old life will return.  It’s over.  I have a new home.  I’ve accepted that many friendships will not travel with me into my new life.  I’ve been shocked to discover some childhood friendships are the strongest ones in my life.  I’ve leaned on them with gratitude.

May You Live To Be 100!  {#2 in my series on resilience}

May You Live To Be 100! {#2 in my series on resilience}



Baba died last year just before her 99th birthday.  She spent her last decade in care homes after she had become blind.

You could hear her universal salutation when anyone left her room or her presence…

“May you live to be 100!”

and it didn’t matter who it was, they would smile.


Today she would have been 100.  Pic:  On her 98th birthday, my mom was helping Baba to see her beautiful cake using finger-vision.  That’s the only way when you’re blind!


Susan + Gail


Just a side note…my sister…who died at 21…would have had a birthday today as well.  She would have turned 50 today.

There we are, me at age 2 with my sister at her 1st birthday party.  She was born with brain damage, recurring seizures and cerebral palsy so at this point she wasn’t able to sit up for her cake or her pic.




Dr.  Joan Borysenko tells us there are commonalities among people who are resilient.  These things come from studies of folks who have survived holocausts and other devastations.

Last week I wrote about Persistent Creativity.  Dr. B calls it Radical Creativity.   More here in this post {#1 in my series on resilience}   This week {#2 in the series on resilience} is FAITH.   One of qualities that creates resilience in everyday people is FAITH.

Having a belief in something that you believe is bigger than the situation you find yourself in.

In our family, I learned that there were important callings in the world. 

To be a doctor or a lawyer was best.  Teacher was next.  Anything else was okay  but if you really wanted to earn Baba’s respect become a doctor, a lawyer or a teacher.

Now, if you wanted to shine for all time and bring eternal honor to the family then you had to become a priest.  Not all families would have such an honour.

Choosing to follow this path earned much more than her respect.  Truly, she believed an entire family could earn eternal blessings if one person chose this as their life’s work.

Baba was often heard to tell strangers that she had doctors, lawyers and teachers in her family but did you know there were three (3!) count them…3 ministers in the family!?

This was like a direct blessing from and to God at the same time.

When I think of resilience + faith…I think of my grandmother.

IMG_0924She was the eldest child in a family of many.  Her mother had 21 pregnancies but lost every other one.  So there were 10 children in the end.  Baba helped to raise her siblings and even though she was born in Canada didn’t learn to speak English until she was in school.  She once ran away into the woods with her youngest infant brother to prevent their father from selling the baby for money.

IMG_2430Baba grew up in the days when women did EVERYTHING.

They not only did the housework and raised the children, they worked in the fields and helped with harvesting.

They had few choices, little education and dreams of a better life not for themselves but for their children.

Life was physical, grinding and there really never was any money. Everything was precious.  No one owned books and few could read or write.

She eloped to save money.  She only had 2 children in order to give them a better life.  She raised turkeys INside the farmhouse one year so as not to lose any to cold weather, disease or predators.

She told me this story so I would know what she did in order to save money to put a down payment on a house in the city.  She dreamed of  her children getting a better education in the city and her dream came true.

Everything she did, she did for her family.

Her belief in God was the ground upon which her family was grown. 

Baba’s resilience stemmed from her deep faith as a member of the Orthodox Ukrainian religious community.  This belief made every loss, struggle, win bearable for her.

IMG_1222Almost 2 decades ago, she almost died.

She had gone to the hospital with an emergency, slipped into a coma and we were told she was going to die.  The priest was called to administer last rites.  It was the Ukrainian priest so the rites were in Ukrainian.

I’ll always remember that night as we all gathered around her hospital bed with the priest swinging the chanter, incense filling the room and him singing and chanting in Ukrainian with my mother harmonizing.

It was unbelievably beautiful.  As though we’d been transported back in time to ancient places with ancient rituals.

Part way through the blessings the priest looked up and asked if there was anything anyone wanted to say.

I said yes…tell her we forgive her.  The priest’s eyes popped open!

Why he asked?

Well, I said, she’s been really cranky for the last 10 years and not very nice. So he asked us all to leave the room.

We left her with him.  I went home to bed that night knowing I would probably not see her alive the next morning.

When I arrived at the hospital the following day, Baba was sitting up brushing her hair and she had her teeth in.  I was stunned.  Baba, what happened?

Baba said the priest told her in Ukrainian she had to forgive everyone for everything.  And you can’t argue with a priest she said!

I am here because I forgave everyone, she said.


That was my first adult miracle experience of the power of forgiveness.  The doctors had no explanation for her recovery.

Baba lived for almost 20 years more after that night.

And I learned that forgiveness is a transformative internal force that when given forth can sustain your life and when withheld can extinguish life.  Forgive everyone for everything.  A resilient action step.


For me, resilience is faith in something bigger than the situations we find ourselves in.


I have faith in the transformative power of forgiveness.

With it, our lives have more possibility. Without it, we are weaker, more vulnerable, less resilient.


Happy Birthday, Baba!

Baba used to sing this tune to me in Ukrainian.   My cousin and I recorded a simple version of it for Baba one Christmas and I listen to it now when I want to reminisce about Baba and her stories.  (Click the arrow to listen)


Interested in engaging with the transformative, resilience-bestowing powers of forgiveness?  More good stuff here…

You can hop on info train for the soon to begin (in July)  Forgiveness House Program HERE.