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Energy Alchemy Mondays

The women who show up and do this work every Monday are
  1. finding biz to be much easier
  2. making more money 
  3. enjoying making intentional moves in life
  4. acting on their ideas
  5. feeling more joyful
Why choose regular lightwork and clearing sessions?
  • It’s a gentle process
  • The effects become cumulative.
  • You create energetic space where needed.
  • You set intentions that move you forward with greater ease.
  • You make decisions and set boundaries with a sense of certainty.
  • Your shifts lead you to a calm way of moving through your world and in how you relate to your biz.
  • Clear weird blocks in relationships by committing to your own intuitive knowing about your own life.






About Lightwork & Energy Clearing sessions

$444 (payment plans)
12 live Monday sessions
12 recordings
If you are in one of Susan’s Business Communities, you are automatically invited to Energy Alchemy Mondays.
If you are not yet in a business community with us, this is a beautiful way to infuse soul work into your weekly biz work.  Included:

lightwork for you

lightwork for your business

akashic records healings

elemental clearings

vibrational healing

feng shui for biz

weekly intention setting