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It’s the first time I’ve experienced feng shui as an art and not a hard science.

I really appreciate how you personalize the impersonal and use the framework of feng shui in a very intuitive way.

What I feel was fascinating was that you allowed feng shui to be the foundation not to be the entire experience.  The study and the science of feng shui is what I’ve experienced in the past but the art and the beauty and the living essence of feng shui is something that I feel is what you brought and what you bring.

You listen with your whole body and I can honestly say that you lead with, from, and for, your heart.  You allow the knowledge of feng shui to guide your inherent wisdom of what you see, feel and know about a person, about a place, about a situation. That’s big.

You bring an extraordinary amount of joy into your practice.  Your presence infuses and imbues a space, my space, with fairy dust and you practice subtle, intangible magic.  Your presence allows that essence to float to the top and the rest doesn’t even sink to the bottom, the rest is turned into fairy dust as well.

So the end product is space feels lighter, less congested, fresh.
I feel lighter. More spacious.

I hate the word flow but for lack of a better word, there’s more flow.  More ease and flow.  It’s less dense and more spacious.

Aase Lium

Victoria, Canada

I am more than happy to send you my feedback…you worked magic on me!

I am more secure about what I want to do and I feel less afraid of doing something that I love.  I have been able to feel more confident in my abilities and what I can offer to others as a person.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Doing the intuitive work  with you has been one of the best things I have ever done.  I would do it again in a heart beat.  I will always be grateful with you for helping me as much as you have.


My session with Susan was everything I was hoping for. Susan lovingly yet firmly kept me on track, challenged me to see how I was holding myself back AND did some amazing brainstorming with me which led to concrete ideas that I am now pouring into a new product and opt in offer.
All this in under an hour.    Highly recommended!
Terena Barajas| South America

Life Coach + EFT Miracle Worker , Terena Barajas

Before I started working with you I couldn’t understand why my business didn’t feel like it was growing.  I felt overwhelmed with everything I was trying to accomplish.

After working with you I felt more open and flowing and allowing my business to be what it needs to be and I had more balance in my home and working lives.

I really valued how you positioned my business as a relationship, that I need to think of my business just like a relationship in order to really connect with how my business wants to show up in the world.

Like any relationship, it needs attention, nurturing and communication.

I love how much you care about the people you help!  I felt totally heard and seen during our work together.

Megan Edge | Victoria, BC

Metaphysical teacher, Master Healer, Author

I didn’t have any firm expectations when I first started working with Susan except to have some fun brainstorming ideas to get my business moving again. However, the circumstances of my life set our path in a different direction.

Susan and I worked not only on my business but also in how to better manage the current storms that had suddenly appeared in my life.   I definitely feel more at peace when storms rage because of the energy work and meditations she led me through.

After working with Susan I’m feeling excited at the possibilities for my business in the upcoming future.

Susan is unique, fun and creative in her approach to moving people through transformation.  She listens and validates fears and concerns really well.  She shows up so present and full of energy and compassion.

Note to Susan:  You really are magic!

Desiree Sher | Vancouver, BC

Speaker, Coach, Author, Desiree Sher

I am grateful for the intuitive massage session.  I feel more grounded and energetic than I have in a while.
You have a wonderful gift.
I also feel blessed for having met you, the universe works in mysterious ways.

Marie M | Vancouver Island, BC

Thank you so much for the wonderful IEM session today at the Reiki event. I was very moved, and feel a sense of relief after our massage.
Lycia Rodriguez

Susan is so incredibly intuitive and knew exactly what areas of my life I was having trouble with and what really inspires me and keeps me motivated.

Since we started working together I feel more content within myself.  I feel more certain that everything will be okay, no matter what the outcome.

I don’t feel such intense pressure or a sense of ‘doing the right thing’.  I feel more in touch with myself and allowing whatever to be.  There is nothing inherently good or bad about me or my experiences.

I feel much more certain about my business and the decisions I make around it.  I am more willing to just try things + accept the outcome of whatever that might mean.

Did I learn anything about myself?  Yes, heaps.  Susan made me really accept and acknowledge my true qualities.  She didn’t go through a whole run of ‘why do you think you do that?’  or make me question myself.  Instead she gave me such incredible certainty and surety about who I am and where I am within this journey.

My husband can see that I am much more focussed on my business and have clear structure and planning.  Susan really is an Intuitive Life Coach, able to bring in all aspects of a person’s life in one go.  It isn’t just about business or a specific area of our lives she touches but ALL of it!

Melissa Turner | New Zealand

Naturopath, Endo Empowered

Susan is absolutely present with you with total focus on you and your situation; she cries and laughs along with you.  And she will find a solution for you.

Susan Seale is a true light to the world!  She has a warm and tender heart, a bubbly personality and is highly intuitive.  She is so much fun to be with, she knows exactly what needs to be healed inside of you and she has the skills to do it as well.

She is a generous spirit and has a great sense of humor!  I highly recommend her both as a healer and a coach.  Hiring her will be your best decision ever.

Sara Waters | Sweden

ThetaHealer/Creativity Coach, Sara Aurora Waters

Susan’s insight, calm and sincere nature made sharing concerns and frustrations easy.  It was like talking with someone I have known my whole life.  Through working with Susan I have a sense of being supported and also of being accountable.  I trust myself more.

I have made a lot more progress with my business than I would have not having your support and accountability.  It has helped my mindset around my business as well.  I have been better able to stay on track and I have a clearer mindset.

Janelle Anderson | California USA

Susan Seale is a gift.  Her insight and intuition can take you places others can not when working with her.

I am a teacher and healer myself, so finding the right people to work with is more specific for me as I really know what people are up to and whether they have done the work necessary themselves, to be able to help me as I too, am very skilled.

Susan is one of those people. I have no hesitation in recommending her. And that is not something I do lightly.

If you work with her, you will see results, in a gentle, compassionate, focused way that will keep you on your path and in your heart and most importantly to me, in your own self.

You won’t regret working with her. In fact, you’ll be in a state of gratitude, even when it’s hard. And just writing that makes me smile and opens my heart, so just imagine what working with her will be like. It’s truly a gift.

Elizabeth MacLeod | Sunshine Coast, Canada

Author of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, Wild Woman Enchanted

It was like time stood still and I did not want the treatment to end. Intuitive energy massage was a new experience for me and I can not wait to experience it again.
Mona McClelland | Victoria, BC

Certified Life + Professional Health Coach

I have relished being heard and being understood.  I love the techniques Susan has used to have me focus, think outside the box and also ignite life passion.

I am not sure what I expected but I know that working with Susan has exceeded my expectation.  Susan has re-energized me.

When I feel centered it spills over to all areas of life.  This is what Susan does  –  she quiets the mind and nourishes the soul.

Susan is heartfelt, warm, empathic and compassionate, providing real support with action-oriented outcomes.

Before I started working with Susan I was feeling chaotic and now I’m feeling centered and I have the result of wholeness.

Maria Davis | Melbourne, Australia

Medical Intuitive Healer , Maria Heals

Susan really hears what’s being said even though the words aren’t the same as what’s underneath.  I just loved conversations with Susan.

Susan is VERY resourceful.  The BEST thing about working with Susan are her intuitive + healing tools.  With 17 years of cramming my brain full of personal development materials, I understand that sometimes tools don’t work because there is too much pain underneath for the tools to work.  Susan helped me with pain underneath and I was then able to implement the tools.  Susan is a healer.

Before I started working with Susan I was freaking out because I felt like I had bitten off more than I could chew with my coaching course and my life seemed to be falling apart.  Then I worked with Susan and I learned that I give up before I even get started.  I gave myself the challenge of not doing that anymore.  It has been interesting for sure.  I’m feeling more confident.

Lila Simmons

Working with Susan is awesome, revealing, exciting, exhilarating and sometimes exhausting.  A real pleasure!  I LOVE SUSAN and I’ve learned to expect the unexpected with her…I think this keeps her work fresh and in the moment as it should be!!

She is fully present to you and your energy in the present moment.  She is intuitive, intelligent, funny, has a wonderful sense of humour, direct and has a ‘no BS’ policy.

Before I started working with Susan I was feeling alone, unappreciated, resentful, and overwhelmed.   I was hanging onto a part of my life that was no longer serving me.  After working with Susan I’m feeling more alive and focused, with direction, purpose and motivation.   I am feeling so much freedom within my heart and soul.

I have a much clearer vision of where my life is heading, financially and as far as where my husband and I are concerned.

I have learned what it feels like to be on purpose and that through the energy of me becoming focused and on point, that energy filters out into my home and as a result, without saying a word, my husband is on board and working to help me.

Note to Susan:  Quite honestly, if someone asked me about my experience of working with you…or to describe your work…

I’m not sure I would have an answer that I felt gave you all the credit you deserved, other than ‘just do it, you’ll be glad you did’!

Mandi Neiser | Ontario, Canada

Wedding Officiant, Life Coach, Author, Mandi Neiser