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The Owner Mastermind


The moment we set an intention (or say yes to something)


we involve unseen realms of Ancestor and Spirit,


we set into motion events that call in our new life.


Whatever you are requesting is available.


Your next step

is to take action

in the tangible world.



Is The Owner right for you?




  • You have not completed the Inspirata program, but you are drawn to The Owner Mastermind  Community and ready to show up to your business work with Your Unique Ownership Energy


  • You know for sure that you need consistency


  • You need your own presence in your behind-the-scenes biz work


  • You need to do the feet-on-the-ground work that really makes your business fly


  • You are feeling alone in your business and are looking for a community of other sensitive, intuitive women to work alongside, to share your daily accomplishments and celebrate your weekly growth!


  • You believe light-bringer energy supports expansion and you want to be part of a community that is consciously bringing light to their everyday efforts


About Susan


I’ve spent a lifetime on a creative path and journeyed it as an entrepreneur.  I’ve built a career helping others step into areas that intimidated or frightened them, helping stretch their wings to soar with a greater capacity for prosperity and well-being


What I know for sure about your success in business is that it’s rooted in

  • believing and acting as if you are THE OWNER
  • sharing your gifts with confidence
  • acting as if YOU are the one that makes the difference in your business
  • releasing blocks, beliefs, generational agreements, promises or vows that make you feel stuck and unable to create the life and business you truly want


I built successful businesses because I embodied the sovereign habits of THE OWNER. Once you’ve felt that energy and it’s moving through your body, you transmit a particular energy.


People feel it. They sense your commitment to doing what you do. YOU sense your own commitment and all those self-doubts fall away more easily.  Your confidence is more easily accessible. It’s a magical place to be in your own development as a business owner!


If you have questions, please know I’m accessible and welcome your inquiries!  Let’s  talk about how The Owner can help you create the business you wish you had!






The Owner

12 month group program

Tuesdays  –  Mastermind + Masterclass calls  (recorded live on Zoom)

  • weekly masterminding with The Owners, talk website, apps, social media, resources, connection and networking
  • Masterclasses for social media and marketing

Thursdays  –  Co-working Sessions

  • 2 hours each week
  • facilitated by Susan
  • co-working is not recorded

Fridays  –  Spotlight Coaching, Money Systems   (recorded live on zoom) 

  • Weekly spotlight coaching, bring your self-doubt, your questions, your confidence concerns
  • Money Systems clarifications + implementation


Private Facebook Community


Trust Your Magic Bonuses!!

1.  Mondays – Energy Alchemy calls  (recorded live on zoom)

  • weekly planning + intention setting
  • Lightwork, Healing, Meditations, Prayer,
  • Intuitive Card Readings
  • Vibrational Healing
  • Alchemy calls are typically offered in 12-week cycles throughout the year.  Next cycle begins March 4.

[VALUE:  $444 for each 12-week cycle]

2.  Trust Your Magic Private Call

  • 1:1  zoom call with Susan
  • 90 minutes
  • Vision + planning to clarify next steps for you as The Owner of your business.
  • May include intuitive reading to connect with the soul of your business.

[VALUE:  $555]