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Money Priestess Cards Are Now Available Online

Money Priestess Cards Are Now Available Online

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It’s not always easy to describe

It’s not always easy to describe

It’s not always easy to describe what I do as a soul coach.


But it’s tangible work (see…I’m rolling up my sleeves)

with tangible outcomes for you

(you expand, release, complete, create, intuit, activate, let go, grow, rest, receive)




When you’re at a threshold,
facing upper limits,
visibility fears,
shadow influences,
in need of energy healing, mindset coaching and sensitive leadership,
I’m that someone you’ll want as an engaged and present partner.

My work as a soul coach is to
empower your fierce, soulful, creative, gifted self

And to bring along a quantum healing tool kit
for when you’ve lost your fierce-ness and feel deeply mired

I’m here
when you’re looking for safety in order to take risks

I’m here
holding compassionate space for you when you are moving in and out of ‘freeze’ or ‘collapse’

AND I’m here
when you are in magnetic flow
living with miracles, an abundance of divine downloads, courage, ease, spaciousness and joy

Soul coaching enlivens
your creative self
your human self
your inner being

When you’re at a threshold in your business,
bored, confused, procrastinating,
angry, grieving,
I’m the one you’ll be glad you have access to as you navigate this limnal space.

It’s not always easy to describe how I facilitate your journey but it’s tangible work with tangible outcomes.

Come talk more with me about you.

Inquiry Calls are free and the link is here!

xo Susan

Why is it so hard to ask for help?

Why is it so hard to ask for help?

Why is it so hard to ask for help?


Probably because you feel you need to hide your vulnerabilities, especially from the people who tell you that you are too sensitive.


You may have tried to hide your true essence at times and even told yourSELF that you are too sensitive.


I know you are capable, brilliant and have accomplished so much (despite what the voices in your head say) and you create from a more tender-hearted place.


You were born with a soulprint.

You came into this world with your own direction, your own internal map.

When you are creating the kind of support you need is personal. You won’t find it in a ‘blueprint for success’ or generic coaching program.


This is exactly what I help you with.

I provide a space where you can lean into your dream, your project, your business and take the time to let yourself hear the voice of your soul + your creative work speak to you.


I help you clear

  • emotional blocks that are causing you to procrastinate and feel overwhelmed,
  • patterns that are causing money-leaks,
  • beliefs that are draining your confidence, energy and ability to take creative action in your world.


Ask yourself this question…

How does your gentle heart, your dream, your business, your creative project speak to you?

‍♀️1:1 soul coaching is personal to YOU and your creative work. You can chat with me about all this.

Book your Inquiry Call here.

xo Susan

What makes me different?

What makes me different?











I think tough love creates a bed of trauma that ultimately will slow us down, both in my work with you and in your life going forward.

I ask myself how can I contribute to making the world a place where creatives and entrepreneurs can thrive?


This is what makes working with me different from a typical business, life or creativity coach…


  • I hold space for you to process, question, create your vision (NOT a tough love approach)
  • I offer energy healing and energy alchemy service as a regular part of your program
  • I am trauma informed so my responses can support you to get unstuck when you’re triggered
  • I create an intensely safe space for you. You can say what you actually need to say and feel the healing effects of being heard and seen without judgment
  • I create a coaching container designed for miracles, free of shame, criticism, bullying.
  • I address patriarchal influence in your life by becoming aware of its influence and choosing to starve those tentacles and nourish your soul’s needs instead


‍♀️ Soul coaching for women in business is not for every woman in business, but if you are someone who is wondering if I’m the right soul coach for you at this time in your business, come chat. 

Book an Embodied Soul Call here.

xo Susan

Even before you lived in your mother’s womb

Even before you lived in your mother’s womb

I believe you have a shining light, an inner brilliance, a fearless and joyful heart that existed even before you lived in your mother’s womb.


I believe you can heal the imprints of rejection, criticism, failure and loss so the energy of renewal courses through every cell of your being.


I believe your body has a wisdom that protects you in your hardest moments. Your body stores memories and feelings. It keeps track of the traumas it has lived through, safeguarding them for you until you are ready to dissolve those holding patterns and be free.


I believe in the realm of subtle energies, God, the quantum field, synchronicities, ancestors and the unseen.


These are our allies as much as our teachers, parents, mentors and coaches.


Everything is created in this invisible realm before it appears in our physical world. Your own healing, creative projects, artwork, friendships, opportunities, relationships, businesses, communities and every other miracle all flow from the invisible realm.


I believe your soul is an eternal presence as timeless as the stars. It is your highest, wisest, most compassionate self and every time you take loving responsibility for connecting to that presence, the universe rearranges itself in miraculous ways for your benefit.


I believe you are your own transformational catalyst. When you give yourself permission to change, you create a new experience of life. Be endlessly permissive in this way.


I believe in you.


I believe in your ability to take responsibility for creating the miracles you’ve been searching for.


I love partnering with clients who want to instigate growth from these beliefs. This is our most productive and limitless way of growing your life or your business.


I invite you to book an Embodied Soul Call with me. 

love, Susan xo

Thanks to Kevin Light for this amazing pic of me in the freezing waters at sunrise on Willows beach.

A circle of women (a valentine musing)

A circle of women (a valentine musing)













” The invisible power of women’s circles on the women in them grows out of the power that people have on one another, which is extraordinary.

Anyone’s self-esteem, accomplishment, development of talent, has to do with whether we have been listened to and valued, loved for ourselves, encouraged and supported to do what we believed we could do.

When there is psychological or practical support for making a significant change, change is more likely to happen.  That others believe in us, or have the same perspective we have, or are role models, has a powerful and invisible effect.

The power to resist the collective comes from being in a small circle with like-minded others.  It allows us to keep on in the face of ridicule or opposition that we don’t know what we are talking bout, or don’t belong wherever it is that we want to be.”  (Jean Shinoda Bolen)

Who are the people in your life who listen to

and value what you say and who you are?





We all need someone(s) to bear witness when we are struggling, changing, suffering, confused, wondering, seeking.



I am adept at managing and trying to wind my way through challenges independently and what I’ve discovered is that when I really NEED help…it would be better if I would actually stop being so independent.  This is a sign I’ve fallen into a well-worn adaptive pattern.

My early childhood years were a bit chaotic (and full of love) and what it meant is I learned not to depend on the grown-ups around me.  I learned to try to support myself, work it out myself, lean on myself.  It was ever so much easier to just lead my life by myself.

It really works for me even now that I know better!


It exhausts me, frustrates me and leaves me without access to the ease I really crave in my life.

I recall learning from the world around me that women’s circles were a bit scary because the women in them were scary to my young self.  Many of the women in my family didn’t have the ability to effectively interact with someone as sensitive as my very young girl self.

In my 20’s, while working as a classroom teacher, I had the opportunity to experience circles of women in my profession.  They were a bit scary to me too.  I found safety in becoming a leader in this world.   I didn’t really like depending on these women though.  They were not the kind of social circle that encouraged creativity or risk-taking or soft, tender heart-opening work.

I avoided circles of women for decades.


I learned that I prefer private counselling when I’m struggling.


I won’t share my vulnerabilities as freely with a group.


And that’s ok.

As an older adult, I’ve been fortunate to discover there are lovely, encouraging, supportive, beautiful women’s circles.


And I take part when I feel called.


I offer to lead or co-lead circles in my own home.  This is possible now because of a business I ran for 20 years.

In the 1990’s, I opened a music and movement school for babies and children.  I became the queen of a tiny kingdom.  It was wonderful!

I had the huge blessing to have facilitated thousands of circles with moms and dads and their infants and young children through my music and movement work at Musicalia.

This was ever so much safer than being with JUST women.


There was a kind of safety in this work that can really only exist when we all have a single focus on our younger generation and everyone is offering respect to one another.


This looked like softer gazes, a willingness to forgive, a willingness to try harder to understand and feel compassion for others and leading these groups I could feel that flow and connection between the members of every class.  I was able to call that out in so many people because of the social/energetic containers or structures I created for the families.


These small groups of 8 families or less, allowed us all to resist collectives at schools, in the parking lot, on the parent advisory boards, in our extended families and in the outer community.


Time spent weekly with these like-minded folk, gave us all a shared sense of the importance of kindness and cooperation as we sang, talked, danced and played music.


This would never have been possible without the nurturing care of my own counsellors.  Taking the time to heal my own heart in therapy during my 20’s and 30’s helped me to grow up.  It helped me to grow into the kind of person who could hold space for others.


I think I would affectionately be referred to as “the wounded healer”…someone who has sustained deep emotional wounding and done the inner work to become a safe haven for others searching to heal their own inner wounds.

Maybe you are in the process of healing inner wounds or wish there was a safe place for you to bring light to those shadowy places inside.  If that’s you, I have created a healing space designed for the exact purpose.  It’s called Breathing Space.

Read more about Breathing Space here

I invite you to contact me for an initial conversation.