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Meet Susan Seale

Musical, creative, empathically sensitive and intuitive.   That has been me…all my life.

I imagine you too have been described as empathic, sensitive, creative or intuitive or you would not have been drawn to me or my work today.


I have been fascinated by miracles and the power of the mind to affect physical, emotional and spiritual healing for as long as I can remember.

As a young teen, I recall sitting in my doctor’s waiting room and the only books or magazines I was interested in reading were the spiritual ones.  Any stories about angels, miracles, healing, love, god…anything positive, anything healing oriented, I read it.

I adored learning (still do!) anything science-based around the workings of the brain.  It was such a deep passion for many years that I created interactive workshops for teachers and parents to help them understand in a truly hands-on way what developmental really meant from the perspective of a child’s growing brain.

I considered going back to school to become a neuroscience specialist at one point but then realized I would get bored because…well…who can do science ALL the time?

The metaphysical held such fascination for me, as has the topic of religion.  Growing up I loved it when an adult would have a conversation about ritual, prayer, god, goddess…anything invisible.

I could feel the invisible and wanted to know more.

While I had these many interests, my primary focus was on becoming a teacher.  I knew early on that I needed to be self-sufficient and that seemed like something I would love to do every day.  One of those things I’d do even if I didn’t get paid.

For over 40 years I provided fine arts education and therapeutic programs to children, teachers and families.  Travelling to many universities around the globe  I studied with some of the world’s reknowned teachers in music, movement and creativity.   I worked in public education as a classroom teacher for a decade and then two more decades as an entrepreneur running my own private music and movement school for babies and children.

As a master teacher, a significant part of my work for 30 years included private consulting for school districts, university/colleges, guest speaking, writing resource books, articles for professional journals, curricula, creating and maintaining an international resource website.  I’ve mentored many new teachers to the profession and created apprentice programs for my own school.

My current work as an intuitive healer has been a culmination of all my work, education and interests in spirituality, religion, metaphysical, alternative therapies, education, fine arts, psychology and brain science.

My studies in the healing arena have included trainings in AFT (aroma freedom technique), IEM (intuitive energy massage), Body Talk, Quantum Touch, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Mind,Body & Soul HealerTM,  EFT (emotional freedom technique), Music Therapy, Developmental Movement Therapy, Creative Dance, Authentic Movement,  Orff-Schulwerk for special needs, Reiki, Space Clearing, Crystal Healing, intuition + psychic development, certifications in Feng Shui (The School of Intention), Energy Medicine, Transformational Coaching, Life Coaching, Aromatherapy, Natural Holistic Remedies.

I have worked privately with several professional intuitives and intuition teachers to become better acquainted with my own intuitive abilities. 

I did this in much the same way I worked with musicians and music teachers to hone my ability to sing and play multiple instruments.


  • I work with people who are searching for gentle ways to heal their emotional wounds.
  • I work with people who are creating resilience in their own being by choosing nurturing helpers, therapists and healers to assist.
  • I work with creatives who need to replenish their bodies and spirits.
  • I work with conscious entrepreneurs seeking support with their businesses
  • I work with folks who are consciously aware that their nervous systems respond beautifully to the nourishment of energy work.
  • I work with folks who are stressed, sad, confused, tired, afraid, depressed, anxious, fed up, searching, happy, worried, secure, confident, trusting, unsure.
  • I work with people who are looking for transformation.
  • I work with people who are looking for healing experiences.