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Who I work with…

  • women seeking a soul coach with business experience
  • those who love the trifecta of energy work + quantum science + nervous system healing
  • folks who respond beautifully to the nourishment of somatic healing


  • transformation seekers
  • healing arts practitioners
  • intuitives, empaths + sensitives
  • coaches
  • creatives
  • artists
  • conscious entrepreneurs
  • creative entrepreneurs

Meet Susan Seale

Creative, musical, empathically sensitive, intuitive.   That has been me…all my life. Also…organized, encouraging, nurturing, positive. 

I imagine you too have been described as empathic, sensitive, creative or intuitive or you would not have been drawn to me or my work today.

I have been fascinated by miracles and the power of the mind to affect physical, emotional and spiritual healing for as long as I can remember.

As a young teen, I recall sitting in my doctor’s waiting room and the only books or magazines I was interested in reading were the spiritual ones.  Any stories about angels, miracles, healing, love, god…anything positive, anything healing oriented, I read it.

The metaphysical held such fascination for me, as have the topics of religion, spirituality, faith.  Growing up I loved it when an adult would have a conversation about ritual, prayer, god, goddess…anything invisible.

My current work as a soul coach has been a culmination of all my work, education and interests in spirituality, religion, metaphysical, alternative therapies, education, fine arts, psychology and brain science.

I could feel the invisible and wanted to know more.

For over 40 years I provided fine arts education and therapeutic programs to children, teachers and families. 

Travelling to universities around the globe, I studied with our world’s reknowned teachers in music, movement and creativity.  

I worked as a classroom teacher for a decade and then two more decades as an entrepreneur running my own private music and movement school for babies and children.


As a master teacher, a significant part of my work for 30 years included private consulting for school districts, university/colleges, conducting workshops, guest speaking, writing resource books + articles for professional journals, designing curricula, creating and maintaining an international teaching resource website.  I’ve mentored many new teachers to the profession and created apprentice programs for my own school.

My studies in the healing arena have included trainings and certifications in

  • AFT (aroma freedom technique)
  • IEM master (intuitive energy massage)
  • Body Talk and Quantum Touch
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga
  • Mind Body & Soul HealerTM
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique)
  • Music Therapy
  • Developmental Movement Therapy
  • Creative Dance
  • Authentic Movement
  • Somatic Strategies for developmental and shock trauma
  • Orff-Schulwerk Master Teacher
  • Orff-Schulwerk for children with special needs
  • Reiki
  • Space Clearing
  • Crystal Healing
  • intuition + psychic development
  • certifications in Feng Shui (The School of Intention), Space Clearing and Energy Medicine
  • Transformational Coaching, Life Coaching and Achievement Coaching
  • Aromatherapy and Natural Holistic Remedies