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Let’s strengthen connection

to your eternal self,

your highest, wisest, kindest, most compassionate self.

I’m Your Soul Coach, Susan Seale


I believe in your vision for your impact in the world.


I can already sense your capacity for greater ease in your work.


I know you are ready to step into your business with a deeper,

more grounded,

powerfully committed presence.


My work here is to partner with you,

to grow your confidence, power and capacity for success.


Creative, musical, empathically sensitive, intuitive.   That has been me…all my life.

I imagine that you are drawn here to my work today because you too have been described as empathic, sensitive, creative & intuitive.

I welcome you to my world with open arms.

My work as a Soul Coach has been a culmination of close to 50 years of teaching + healing work,

study of & devotion to spirituality, religion, the metaphysical, alternative therapies,

fine arts, psychology and brain science.


I could always feel the invisible and wanted to know more.  It was my fascination with miracles,

the power of the mind to affect physical, emotional and spiritual healing

and the health of our nervous systems as the core driver of transformative experiences

that led me down this path of deep learning

and the creation of my unique Soul Coaching methodology.

I recall sitting in my doctor’s waiting room as a young teen and the only books or magazines I was interested in reading were the spiritual ones.  Any stories about angels, miracles, healing, love, god…anything positive, anything healing oriented, I consumed it.

Travelling to universities around the globe, I studied with our world’s reknowned teachers in music, movement and creativity.

Simultaneously I was growing a successful business in my community where I provided fine arts education, training for teachers and educational & therapeutic programs for children.

As a master teacher, a significant part of my work for 30 years included private consulting for school districts, university/colleges, conducting workshops, guest speaking, writing resource books + articles for professional journals, designing curricula.

My studies in the healing arena have included trainings and certifications in

  • Private mentoring to strengthen intuition, spiritual + psychic development (many mentors over many decades)
  • Feng Shui (studied a variety of approaches and certified with School of Intention)
  • Space Clearing
  • Energy Medicine
  • Mind Body & Soul Healer
  • Transformational Coaching, Life Coaching and Achievement Coaching
  • Master of Intuitive Energy Massage
  • Music Therapy
  • Developmental Movement Therapy
  • Somatic Strategies for Developmental and Shock Trauma
  • Orff-Schulwerk Master Teacher
  • Orff-Schulwerk for children with special needs
  • Body Talk
  • Quantum Touch
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga
  • Creative Dance
  • Authentic Movement
  • Reiki
  • Crystal Healing
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique)
  • AFT (aroma freedom technique)
  • Aromatherapy and Natural Holistic Remedies,
  • Essential Oil Massage treatments including; Raindrop Technique, Touch Massage and BHW Therapy

I offer one to one private soul coaching

to help you strengthen your connection to your creative heart, your eternal self,

your highest, wisest, kindest, most compassionate self.

Your soul coaching program will be unique (as you are) and we can draw on any area in my extensive toolkit from feng shui and energy clearing to aromatherapy to transformational coaching to trauma recovery to movement/dance/painting/music therapies.

Susan is so incredibly intuitive and knew exactly what areas of my life I was having trouble with and what really inspires me and keeps me motivated.

Since we started working together I feel more content within myself.  I feel more certain that everything will be okay, no matter what the outcome.

I don’t feel such intense pressure or a sense of ‘doing the right thing’.  I feel more in touch with myself and allowing whatever to be.  There is nothing inherently good or bad about me or my experiences.

I feel much more certain about my business and the decisions I make around it.  I am more willing to just try things + accept the outcome of whatever that might mean.

Susan had me really accept and acknowledge my true qualities.  She didn’t go through a whole run of ‘why do you think you do that?’  or make me question myself.  Instead she gave me such incredible certainty and surety about who I am and where I am within this journey.

My husband can see that I am much more focussed on my business and have clear structure and planning.  Susan really is an Intuitive Soul Coach, able to bring in all aspects of a person’s life in one go.  It isn’t just about business or a specific area of our lives she touches but ALL of it!

Melissa Turner | New Zealand

Naturopath, Endo Empowered

Susan is amazing. My direct experience is with her intuitive counselling, working remotely. Her skills and experience across so many different methods and modalities are something that she uniquely brings to the table.

She is such a good listener and has powerful insights. She is able to convey them in not only a non-judgmental way, but in such an encouraging way that it makes you feel confident and strong.

Small things she has said have impacted me so powerfully and really made a change in my life and the lives I touch.

Through her intuitive counseling, she has worked with all ages at many different stages and challenges. I could not recommend her highly enough to anyone who wants to make a change, let go of issues and habits, and so much more.

Reach out. If you speak with her you will understand how wonderful she is!

Susan Kersch-Kibler

Surrogacy Agency, International Surrogacy