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It’s not always easy to describe

It’s not always easy to describe

It’s not always easy to describe what I do as a soul coach.


But it’s tangible work (see…I’m rolling up my sleeves)

with tangible outcomes for you

(you expand, release, complete, create, intuit, activate, let go, grow, rest, receive)




When you’re at a threshold,
facing upper limits,
visibility fears,
shadow influences,
in need of energy healing, mindset coaching and sensitive leadership,
I’m that someone you’ll want as an engaged and present partner.

My work as a soul coach is to
empower your fierce, soulful, creative, gifted self

And to bring along a quantum healing tool kit
for when you’ve lost your fierce-ness and feel deeply mired

I’m here
when you’re looking for safety in order to take risks

I’m here
holding compassionate space for you when you are moving in and out of ‘freeze’ or ‘collapse’

AND I’m here
when you are in magnetic flow
living with miracles, an abundance of divine downloads, courage, ease, spaciousness and joy

Soul coaching enlivens
your creative self
your human self
your inner being

When you’re at a threshold in your business,
bored, confused, procrastinating,
angry, grieving,
I’m the one you’ll be glad you have access to as you navigate this limnal space.

It’s not always easy to describe how I facilitate your journey but it’s tangible work with tangible outcomes.

Come talk more with me about you.

Inquiry Calls are free and the link is here!

xo Susan

What makes me different?

What makes me different?











I think tough love creates a bed of trauma that ultimately will slow us down, both in my work with you and in your life going forward.

I ask myself how can I contribute to making the world a place where creatives and entrepreneurs can thrive?


This is what makes working with me different from a typical business, life or creativity coach…


  • I hold space for you to process, question, create your vision (NOT a tough love approach)
  • I offer energy healing and energy alchemy service as a regular part of your program
  • I am trauma informed so my responses can support you to get unstuck when you’re triggered
  • I create an intensely safe space for you. You can say what you actually need to say and feel the healing effects of being heard and seen without judgment
  • I create a coaching container designed for miracles, free of shame, criticism, bullying.
  • I address patriarchal influence in your life by becoming aware of its influence and choosing to starve those tentacles and nourish your soul’s needs instead


‍♀️ Soul coaching for women in business is not for every woman in business, but if you are someone who is wondering if I’m the right soul coach for you at this time in your business, come chat. 

Book an Embodied Soul Call here.

xo Susan

Even before you lived in your mother’s womb

Even before you lived in your mother’s womb

I believe you have a shining light, an inner brilliance, a fearless and joyful heart that existed even before you lived in your mother’s womb.


I believe you can heal the imprints of rejection, criticism, failure and loss so the energy of renewal courses through every cell of your being.


I believe your body has a wisdom that protects you in your hardest moments. Your body stores memories and feelings. It keeps track of the traumas it has lived through, safeguarding them for you until you are ready to dissolve those holding patterns and be free.


I believe in the realm of subtle energies, God, the quantum field, synchronicities, ancestors and the unseen.


These are our allies as much as our teachers, parents, mentors and coaches.


Everything is created in this invisible realm before it appears in our physical world. Your own healing, creative projects, artwork, friendships, opportunities, relationships, businesses, communities and every other miracle all flow from the invisible realm.


I believe your soul is an eternal presence as timeless as the stars. It is your highest, wisest, most compassionate self and every time you take loving responsibility for connecting to that presence, the universe rearranges itself in miraculous ways for your benefit.


I believe you are your own transformational catalyst. When you give yourself permission to change, you create a new experience of life. Be endlessly permissive in this way.


I believe in you.


I believe in your ability to take responsibility for creating the miracles you’ve been searching for.


I love partnering with clients who want to instigate growth from these beliefs. This is our most productive and limitless way of growing your life or your business.


I invite you to book an Embodied Soul Call with me. 

love, Susan xo

Thanks to Kevin Light for this amazing pic of me in the freezing waters at sunrise on Willows beach.

The Easy Button

The Easy Button

If you are really looking for an easy button…

the kind of button that allows you to  just hand over your problems in one fell swoop and let them go…

this is the only thing I can think of that might fit that criteria!

This lovely reminder is from www.drwaynedyer.com.

I first read about it many years ago in his book, “The Power of Intention”.

He had this message framed and hanging on the walls of his childrens’ bedrooms.


It’s that reminder we sometimes (sometimes) need to put our issues, burdens and problems down for a while.  Take a breather, a nap, a walk.  Do something else…paint a picture, make a meal, ride your bike.

Focus on larger, greater vistas of trees, oceans, birds or even impossibly tall buildings and let your mind and spirit free…just for a while.  See what happens to your impossible problems.

Also, I’m aware that not everyone uses the word ‘God’.  Please use a word that resonates for you.  I have a feeling Wayne Dyer would smile at your changes.


How to Cope With Big Emotions During a Pandemic

How to Cope With Big Emotions During a Pandemic


We are having big emotions during our pandemic.  Some of them are like internal tidal waves.


They can be so big, so constant, so immersive we just need to get away from these feelings.  In fact, we’ll do anything to get away from them.  Some people will drink too much, eat too much or spend too much in order to get away from big emotions.  Some people pick fights.  All in an attempt to avoid being in the same room with emotions.


The only way I’ve found to truly create the space I crave from big emotions, is to treat them as a crowd of people without manners.  I move myself out of the way in service to this crowd.


I find a place to sit where I can turn my awareness to the swirl of activity in my mind and in the home of my heart.  It really is a bit like a child swinging outside looking back in to the house through a big picture window.  Swinging and watching.


I pay quiet attention to the feelings, the joy, the meanness, the sorrows, the shame.  I really focus on them until something magic happens.  I let them move about, creating havoc and dancing their dance.  I don’t take it personally….I let them turn up the music and give them even more space to swirl and crash until they lay down completely exhausted.


The Guest House

This being human is a guest house, every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

AFT & Feelings Wheel

AFT & Feelings Wheel

AromaFreedom Technique Tools

As we move through the AFT process we identify feelings in present time as well as feelings that may be associated with past events and then use special essential oil blends to help move through those feelings.

This Feeling Wheel has been such a useful tool for me, sometimes in preparing for a session, in reviewing a session or for my client to use directly.

At the core of this chart there are 6 feeling words: mad, sad, scared, joyful, powerful, peaceful

Each one expands outward with words that can be ever so much more descriptive.

There are many kinds of feeling wheels…do a google search for feeling wheel, click “images” and see the huge variety!