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Soul Coaching nested in the Power

of an Intentional Collective


Soul-lit  ♥  Earth-based  ♥  Healing-inspired



Inspirata Biz Collective

a nurturing nest for


transformation seekers

conscious entrepreneurs

culture makers








The moment we set an intention (or say yes to something) and consciously involve unseen realms of Ancestor and Spirit, we set into motion events that call in our new life.

Whatever you are requesting is available.

Your next step is to take action in the tangible world.

Is Inspirata for you?



  • You’ve been working in your business and truly serving others.  You have a gift to offer the world and you may be feeling a bit depressed that you’re not further along, yet you are focussed on creating a larger impact with your work.


  • You just can NOT do marketing in a way that feels false.  The energy you pour into your online presence must feel authentic to you and you are unlikely to compromise that.


  • The idea of spending 3 months with dedicated time working ON your business feels like just the right next step.


  • You are feeling alone or lonely in your business and would like to have the energy and presence of other like-minded souls in your realm for 12 weeks.


  • You feel drawn to the idea of creative conversations in a community of other women with businesses of their own.


  • You want to see your income actually increase. You want to FEEL wealthy and secure financially and you’re ready to face this desire.  You’re ready to step into and express yourself as a wealthy heart-centered woman.


3 months is enough time to

  • create an magical energetic map for your business
  • heal critical energetic and spiritual alignment issues within yourself and between you and your business
  • shift from stuck to fully powered and filled with purpose
  • attend to your marketing and create ‘invitational writing’ or ‘invitational videos’ or ‘invitational conversations’ for your soul-aligned customers and clients
  • grow your confidence in yourself
  • grow your capacity to move through that next threshold



About Susan

I’ve spent a lifetime on a creative path and journeyed it as an entrepreneur.  I’ve built a career helping others step into areas that intimidated or frightened them, helping stretch their wings to soar with a greater capacity for prosperity and well-being.

Your success in your business is rooted in

  • showing up for and honoring yourself
  • sharing your gifts with confidence
  • being willing to receive healing for your past
  • releasing blocks, beliefs, generational agreements, promises or vows that make you feel stuck and unable to create the life and business you truly want

Inspirata Business Collective

3 month energy healing

& soul coaching for your biz



A season of healing and inspiration for your business includes:

  • magical altars
  • vision mapping
  • 12 weeks of community access via our private Facebook group
  • 12 weeks live group calls held on Zoom, recorded if you are unable to attend live
  • additional weekly ‘camera off’ calls for energy work for you and your business
  • tarot readings
  • weekly remote energy healings
  • group calls incorporate multi-dimensional spiritual healing, intuitive guidance, confidence, support and accountability
  • early bird offers include private soul coaching


This is an unbelievable offer right now!  I haven’t pulled together all these elements in one place before and typically I do this work privately at a much higher price point.

I’ve created a group process for you and your business, hoping it is accessible even if your finances are feeling stretched.  Obviously, the best time to join is right now.  Joining early will also give you access to Susan earlier and your bonus soul coaching session.

Inspirata officially begins with the opening of our circle on September 16, 2022 with a live group call.

We will close the circle on December 16, 2022.


Super Early Bird $444 CAD

join before August 15, 2022 

  • receive a bonus private soul coaching session with Susan


Inspirata Collective $888 CAD 

join by September 15, 2022

you’ll be just in time to join the group for

  • live vision mapping
  • weekly energy healing
  • biz tarot readings
  • 12 weeks group calls



Inspirata Collective  is live from September 16 – December 16, 2022

Early birds may request their bonus private soul coaching session upon registration (which means your 3 months of transformation suddenly becomes 4!)

(Canadians add 5% GST to all programs)