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Gently unwind. Heal.

Soulful nourishment for mind, body & spirit

Your body and your home store memories, energy and experiences that can be released.


The synergy of

  • soul coaching
  • empowerment feng shui
  • space clearing
  • intuitive counselling + essential oil therapies

work together to bring healing and positive results into your life.




Do you need support?

Your home, your workplace and relationships, the connection you feel to your life and your world,

the state of your heart, your breathing….they all give you clues. 

Are you listening? 

Ask for help with:

  • chronic stress
  • deep emotional wounding 
  • long standing emotional issues
  • deeply embedded patterns and habits
  • broken or disconnected spirit
  • trauma
  • addiction
  • unforgiveness, anger, fear
  • grief and depression

The part of the brain that holds trauma + distress

is different from

the part of the brain involved in talking.

The healing work we do together combines intuitive healing methods + somatic healing practices.

  • Align yourself with physical wholeness, joy and emotional resilience
  • Heal chronic stress and deep emotional wounding
  • Calm and restore your nervous system
  • Build your confidence
  • Feel the nourishment of mindful self-compassion


We work together to strengthen your connection to your healing self,

your eternal self,

your highest, wisest, kindest, most compassionate self.

I live on the west coast of Canada on the traditional territory of the Lekwungen speaking peoples, the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations in Victoria, BC.


As an energy healer, multi-instrumentalist, master teacher, speaker, author, music & movement specialist with therapeutic training and a lifelong entrepreneur with decades of experience as a workshop facilitator, I bring creativity into all my healing work.

A trained intuitive and MindBodySoul Healer, I combine intuitive counselling, somatic healing, energy medicine and plant medicines to help you shift your deepest core beliefs so you can live more easily from your soul.

I can help you

  • release stress and bring healing to your emotional pain and trauma experiences. 
  • make deeper connections within yourself and with your home and workplace.

I consider my space clearing gifts and my love of feng shui to be non-invasive empowerment tools.

My entire focus is to support you to create the life you wish you were living.


Everything we do, think, speak, believe and all that we keep around us influences our mind, body and spirit. Soulful healing is possible. Love IS life force. Love is everywhere.  That’s what I believe.

“I am more than happy to send you my feedback…you worked magic on me!

I am more secure about what I want to do and I feel less afraid of doing something that I love.  I have been able to feel more confident in my abilities and what I can offer to others as a person.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Doing the intuitive work  with you has been one of the best things I have ever done.  I would do it again in a heart beat.  I will always be grateful with you for helping me as much as you have.”

Laura A| BC, Canada

I am grateful for the intuitive massage session.  I feel more grounded and energetic than I have in a while.
You have a wonderful gift.
I also feel blessed for having met you, the universe works in mysterious ways.

Marie M

Care Worker

Susan is amazing. My direct experience is with her intuitive counselling, working remotely. Her skills and experience across so many different methods and modalities are something that she uniquely brings to the table.

She is such a good listener and has powerful insights. She is able to convey them in not only a non-judgmental way, but in such an encouraging way that it makes you feel confident and strong.

Small things she has said have impacted me so powerfully and really made a change in my life and the lives I touch.

Through her intuitive counseling, she has worked with all ages at many different stages and challenges. I could not recommend her highly enough to anyone who wants to make a change, let go of issues and habits, and so much more.

Reach out. If you speak with her you will understand how wonderful she is!

Susan Kersch-Kibler

Surrogacy Agency, www.international-surrogacy.com

Susan’s insight and intuition can take you places others can not.

I am a teacher and healer myself, so finding the right people to work with is more specific for me as I really know what people are up to and whether they have done the work necessary themselves to be able to help me, as I too am very skilled.

Susan is one of those people. I have no hesitation in recommending her. And that is not something I do lightly.

If you work with her, you will see results, in a gentle, compassionate, focused way that will keep you on your path and in your heart and most importantly to me, in your own self.

Elizabeth MacLeod | Sunshine Coast, Canada

Author of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, Wild Woman Enchanted

“Before I started working with you I couldn’t understand why my business didn’t feel like it was growing.  I felt overwhelmed with everything I was trying to accomplish.

After working with you I felt more open and flowing and allowing my business to be what it needs to be and I had more balance in my home and working lives.

I really valued how you positioned my business as a relationship, that I need to think of my business just like a relationship in order to really connect with how my business wants to show up in the world.

Like any relationship, it needs attention, nurturing and communication.

I love how much you care about the people you help!  I felt totally heard and seen during our work together.”

Megan Edge l BC Canada

Metaphysical teacher, Master Healer, Author