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Soul Coaching

a creative partnership with Susan that nourishes

your creative heart

your business

your success

You are a woman who walks through life heart-first, creating safe spaces for yourself so you can tend to your soul, your grief, your dreams, desires + your feelings of disconnection.

You don’t want to do this alone anymore.

You’re ready to invite an experienced soul coach to partner with you on your business dreams and projects.


This is what gets in your way…


lack of confidence,


your creative energy feels stuck,

 you have unconscious impulses to be self-critical,

you hold yourself back,

you feel like you’re having trauma responses.

This is how I can help

Consider how your soul is speaking to you right now.  Usually it’s our feelings that get our attention first.  Sometimes it’s a dream or intuitive knowing. You can trust your personal energy system however it speaks to you.

I help you unwind + de-energize the emotions and sensations that are creating a negative charge for you.  Your internal programming will become less fractured, more intact and whole. Soul work can lead you out of deep grief, confusion, anxiety, anger, fear + loss of hope.

Together we strategize, dream and create a new trajectory for your life + your work.

We instigate a resurgence of creative energy in your work.


I focus on success through soul work + somatic care.

Ask for support.  I can help.  It’s what I do.

Let’s create a magical, divine template for your life + your work.



Work with me

Are you ‘reading’ the clues?

Your home, your workplace + relationships,

the connection you feel to your life + your world,

the state of your heart, your breathing…

…they all give you clues. 

What are you sensing? 

Ask me for help with:

  • creative blocks
  • chronic stress
  • deep emotional wounding 
  • deeply embedded patterns and habits
  • broken or disconnected spirit
  • unforgiveness, anger, fear
  • grief + depression

Soul coaching offers a map to

  • Align with joy and emotional resilience
  • Calm and restore your nervous system
  • Tend to your inner child
  • Bring healing to your mother wound
  • Respect your intuitive self
  • Build your confidence
  • Grow your business

The part of the brain that

holds trauma + distress

is different from

the part of the brain

involved in talking.

Which means that even if you are excited to move forward with a new project or dream, you may not be able to.

Traditional coaching relies on conversation, questions, set processes or maybe even “intuition” around what you need to move forward.

But you don’t necessarily need to know what’s wrong or talk about what you need at length.

The body has wisdom that safeguards you so when you feel unsafe or wary, even in your work, your body’s nervous system may block, over-activate or shut you down.

We can work with what is showing up in your body and your movement patterns and reconnect your ancient and emotional brain with your decision-making, creative brain.

As you hit roadblocks, being willing to engage in somatic healing practices + a variety of limbic brain healing processes can release the power past traumas have to stop you in life.

Let’s strengthen connection

to your eternal self,

your highest, wisest, kindest, most compassionate self.

You are sensitive.

You feel you need to hide your vulnerabilities, especially from the people who tell you that you are too sensitive.

You hide your true essence at times and you’ve even told yourself you are too sensitive.

Inside you feel something is off balance.  At times your mind is spinning.  Your energies are depleted from this emotional place you’re in. You’re grinding through life. You feel frustrated, sad, exhausted. You toy with the thought of burning down your life.

Externally, your life looks like you in tears at the end of the day because the job you work (and need)

or the business you started (and used to love)

is draining you of every last drop of joy + vital energy.

Even trying to meditate, adjusting your diet, sleeping more, reading self-help books, seeing bodywork specialists, exploring yoga + mindfulness practices aren’t necessarily bringing you relief or joy.  They all take so much time and you still don’t feel any less trapped by your life.

You believe other people should ask for support when they need it.

And yet…support is exactly what you’ve been denying yourself.

Your longing to feel creatively nourished in your life + work is persistent now and can’t be ignored.

Book an Embodied Soul Call + talk with me.

Beliefs that encourage you to be you

♥ Place your hands over your heart ♥ Breathe ♥ Read aloud

I am not alone.

♥ I am not inadequate, I am human.

♥ I don’t know everything.  I can challenge my thoughts. 

♥ I am able to heal shame with compassion.

♥ I let the good in (lots of it)

♥ It’s safe to ask for help (lots of it)

♥ It’s safe to create a powerful personal income

♥ I don’t need to fake-it-till-I-make-it.  I embrace + embody who I am so I can love who I am becoming.

♥ I believe I will never be completely ready so I’m just showing up with what I have right now.

♥ I belong.


Hi, I’m Susan

My entire focus as a soul coach is to support you to live YOUR creative, soul-pulled life.

My work with you is personal + individual.

I’ve never found generic coaching + blueprint-type ‘big box’ programs helpful so I know you won’t either.

My work as a soul coach + mentor is to be a

  • skilled
  • intuitive
  • space-holding
  • magic-making
  • presence of possibility

for you.

I’m here to talk more with you. Book your Embodied Soul Call.