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Once Upon Her Soul


You create your story, your soul story, every turn of the page.

You’re not just part of a story written for you.  You are the writer.

Did your story change last year? 

Are you really living a new story?

…the one in your mind?

…the one you talk about wanting?

…the one you feel but can not articulate?



What if you prioritized experiencing yourself

as an intentional,




Do you feel confident that

2024 will be the year you look back on

and say

you had

no ‘lost’ months.



What are you doing to make 2024 vibrate with faith and light and expanded guidance?

How will you stay in the energy of what your soul is guiding you to become?

Once Upon Her Soul provides a space to receive

  • live soul coaching,
  • spell-breaking,
  • dream-building,
  • tension-releasing healing

Once Upon Her Soul also delivers written + recorded

  • prayers
  • blessings
  • meditations
  • mirror work



Once Upon Her Soul is designed

to support you to

prioritize your own energy.


Imagine what will happen when you prioritize

immersing yourself

in wildly intentional thinking?


You are not here by accident!


Once Upon Her Soul is crafted for the soul-led woman who knows it’s time to make intentional choices from the soul. 

You are ready for some kind of shift in your identity.

You want clarity. 

You must live with soul purpose.

You are present to your soul this year.


Each month there are 4 experiential chapters for your mind, body and soul

Each month you fine-tune your vibration.


Chapter 1 – She Decided

(to fall in love with her self and stay in her own energy…all year…)


Have you ever felt that you will not be able to reach the goals, the visions, the longings you have for your life?

That you become less clear + more doubtful as you step into your vision?

You lack some kind of confidence? Courage eludes you in some way?


This is a spell you’re living under.

There are ways to overcome the spells that have been cast over you…that have been cast BY you.

Each month we lift your curses and cast new soul spells + new directions for your goodness.


Live group soul coaching calls will give you devoted time each month to break the spells you have been living under. All will be recorded for you.


Chapter 2 – Mirror, Mirror.


Your face holds the memories + experiences, the joys + disappointments of your life.

When someone looks at you they sense things before they even think anything about you.


That’s just the way humans are wired.


We have the ability to sense what’s underneath the surface.  You feel me.  I feel you.


It’s called the social engagement system and that system is a complex arrangement of nerves and muscles and habits of holding energy in the face.

That social engagement system is how we get information to decide on an instinctual level if someone is welcoming toward us.

Imagine loving this part of your beautiful being? Like actually knowing HOW.



Every month in Once Upon Her Soul

  • You will learn somatic healing exercises to release the tension in the muscles and fascia of your face.
  • I will share specific breathing practices that help to turn back time and give you are more youthful complexion.
  • You will receive or create affirmations for your heart and mind that will direct your thoughts to create your dreams.
  • You will get curious about all the face creams, oils, elixirs and massage that can nourish your skin.



Have you noticed that sometimes you are mirroring someone else’s energy in your own life? 

Mirror, Mirror is created for you to let other people’s energies melt away from your muscles, your thoughts, your self-talk.

Mirror work will be one of the keys to your new vibration of freedom, possiblity + miraculous expansion.


This might be

the most important thing

you do this year.

Chapter 3

Magical Meditations

Have you ever heard yourself thinking and realized you were listening to lies ALL DAY LONG?  This is another form of spell-casting.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you are experiencing this.  It’s just what the brain does. 

It’s crazy-making, internal self-talk fed by lies we’ve heard growing up, messages we’ve absorbed from the culture and misunderstanding formed deep inside us.

Even when you become aware of it, it’s not always easy to change. 

But this year, you’re ready to tell more loving truths to yourself and Magical Meditations are created as a beautiful way to surround yourself with new messages.

Let’s reprogram the way you see your own power, your own energy, your belief in your ability to create money and magic in your own life.

These are truly magical, magnificent meditations for your subconscious delivered to you each month.



Chapter 4

Prayers + Blessings

We can not ever have too many blessings (right?)

Do you ever wish you just had more ways and words to bless yourself and your life?

As part of your journey with Once Upon Her Soul, you will be blessed, you will be held in the light, you will be intentionally kept in prayer for increased well-being.

Every month, you also receive original, healing, vibe-raising prayers + blessings delivered to your inbox.

Beautiful PDF’s with blessings, prayers and artwork are created for your 2024 journey.

Copies can be printed for display, for your altar or as keepsake.

About Susan

Creative, musical, empathically sensitive, intuitive.   That has been me…all my life.

I imagine that you are drawn here to this soul work today because you too have been described as empathic, sensitive, creative & intuitive.

I welcome you to my world with open arms.



My work as a Soul Coach has been a culmination of close to 50 years of teaching + healing work,

study + devotion to spirituality, religion, the metaphysical, alternative therapies, fine arts,

psychology and brain science.


I could always feel the invisible and wanted to know more.  It was my fascination with miracles,

the power of the mind to affect physical, emotional and spiritual healing

and the health of our nervous systems as the core driver of transformative experiences

that led me down this path of deep learning

and the creation of my unique Soul Coaching methodology.



People feel your soul.

I feel your soul.

I sense your aliveness and commitment to doing what you do.

Whether you feel like you’re flying or like you’re sitting in the mud, this is your reminder that it’s a journey. 

Keep going.

Don’t hold back! 

If you have questions, please know I’m accessible and welcome your inquiries!  Let’s  talk about how Once Upon Her Soul can help you create the most magical year of your life. 

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What’s included:

  • 12 month container (January to December 2024)
  • 15 hours of live monthly group soul coaching
  • live calls are recorded + take place on zoom
  • somatic healing processes, face yoga + tension release from the face
  • breathwork
  • spell-breaking
  • monthly prayers + blessings
  • recorded meditations
  • private Facebook community
  • recording of “Clearing Your Energetic Wake from 2023”
  • you keep all content for life