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Money Priestess



it’s time to heal & prosper


let’s begin…

welcome money priestess


this invitation is for you if


you experience money shame


you wish you could eliminate debt


desire miracles,

ever increasing flow + prosperity in your life



Is this you?

You’ve probably heard others talking about a relationship with money and you wish your relationship was more vibrant and you wish someone could help you with this.

You’ve likely read money books but may lose steam trying to bring the suggestions to life in your own world.

You may not be super wealthy (yet) or maybe you’ve had wealth and you’ve lost it and are in a rebuilding stage (you’ll get there).



Ask yourself

  1.  Is your approach to money avoidant, do you feel a bit lost or confused, you avoid looking at numbers, you resist taking action on money goals or money management goals?  your body may be in freeze mode
  2. Is your money flow inconsistent, never have enough of it?  your body may be in fight or flight mode
  3.  Do you have poor boundaries, over-give, do too much, feel disappointed in others or give up on dreams?  your body may be in a fright, collapse or faint state



Money Priestess is a well-held community for women who are ready to

  • trust and do the work to clear their divine channel
  • heal money wounds once and for all
  • experience a life that feels calm, grounded, abundant, loving (right?!)
  • trust that somatic (body-based) healing must be part of their foundation and resource for healing
  • increase their capacity to hold wealth


The Money Priestess

Energy Map



dear money priestess,

you live somewhere on this spectrum

between deep red,

healing pink,

sparkling clarity of silvery white,

energetic ever-growing green

and the

abundance of liquid gold


do you have a sense where you would be right at this moment?

where are you?

everyday may feel different for you

you may start the day in one energy or color zone

and intentionally shift your self to another

the money priestess circle is a

money healing prosperity permission circle



the intention is to create

a growth and healing space for you

to dig deep,

uncover your wounds,

dissolve blocks,

build wealth,

eliminate debt,

grow your belief in your worth,

dissolve shame,

maybe you need to emotionally recover

from bankruptcy, divorce, loss, mistakes

and truly live in the golden light of your own unique vision



It’s simple and it’s cyclical.

We heal ancestral influences, childhood memory, do akashic records work, spiritual release,

develop somatic resourcing, daydream and grow our visioning power,

practice self awareness and responsibility for spending

gently step into the world of systems to take better care of our money

and face our fears.


1. Energy awareness and healing (your beliefs)

2. Vision-casting + dream-clarity (your thoughts)

3. Creating the miracle (your behaviour)

when you join the money priestesses

you step into a dedicated circle that

  • normalizes talking about money (shame, fears, mistakes)
  • celebrates your money wins
  • applauds your secret geeky love of figuring out money stuff (when you release the inner judgments your inner money geek may appear)
  • encourages you to lean into growing your ability to feel safe in your body
  • cheers you on as you own your power to create money and own money (lots of it if that’s your dream)
  • wants to do good in the world
  • wants to participate in helping other women have more personal power

About Susan

I’ve spent a lifetime on a creative path and journeyed it as an entrepreneur.  I’ve built a career helping others step into areas that intimidated or frightened them, helping stretch their wings to soar with a greater capacity for prosperity and well-being.

At times I’ve travelled a distinctly blessed money road.  But I’ve also faced and negotiated the absolute worst fears possible on my money journey. 

I really do know the ups and downs of ease and recovery.

I’ve been supporting private soul coaching clients to heal their money wounds for close to a decade, relying on my studies in education, transformational coaching, integration of inner selves, and developmental movement therapy to create a healing container for each person.

This focus eventually led me to the study of polyvagal theory and the practice of somatic healing in connection with wealth building. 

Knowing your values and feeling safe in your body when making money decisions is the key to lasting change and if that’s what you’re looking for, then you are a money priestess and I welcome you to this circle.


Money Priestess TM is a live group program, online course and lifetime membership with weekly live calls (that are recorded). 

If you have questions, please know I’m accessible and welcome your inquiries!  Let’s  talk about how I can help you create capacity to hold and grow your wealth.



doors open August 15, 2023

and close on the eve of the

fall equinox

September 20



Investment $555 (plus taxes)

this will give you access to the Money Priestess Circle for the lifetime of the circle (you never pay fees again as a founding member of the Money Priestess academy)



New members…

you are welcome to attend the weekly Prosperity Permission circles as soon as you sign up

Blessing & Attunement Ceremony on Wednesday, June 20, 2023

9 am pacific time


♥ Weekly live zoom calls during the summer session are usually Wednesdays but could be either Tuesdays 11 am PST or Wednesdays 9 am PST for fall 2023.

Call times may change if the need arises depending on the countries of participants.  Susan prepares a schedule so you’ll know in advance month to month.

Structured healing rituals/modules/ceremonies/meditations presented live

Intuitive readings and light work

Setting up money systems (or baskets and processes)

Membership includes access to the Money Priestess Academy housed on Teachery (an online digital course platform).




The academy is a learning center organizing all we do:

  • course work
  • weekly recordings
  • teachings on accessing and learning from Akashic records
  • meditations
  • prosperity self-care
  • integration of inner child, use of internal family systems
  • somatic healing foundations
  • teachings for manifestation
  • practical daily money management
  • planning
  • books
  • vision-casting…everything a money priestess might need to heal and prosper.


♥ Private Facebook group for community connection outside the live weekly circles



You are welcome here! ♥


whether your vision is

a dream of creative beauty

a life of simplicity & charm

or the spectacular vision of

a millionairess house with exotic travels, designer clothes and lavish vehicles


whatever your vision, money priestess you CAN absolutely have it




If you’re drawn to this transformative work and want to talk with Susan before you sign up

I invite you to attend my free masterclass. 

Sign up below!