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Why is it so hard to ask for help?


Probably because you feel you need to hide your vulnerabilities, especially from the people who tell you that you are too sensitive.


You may have tried to hide your true essence at times and even told yourSELF that you are too sensitive.


I know you are capable, brilliant and have accomplished so much (despite what the voices in your head say) and you create from a more tender-hearted place.


You were born with a soulprint.

You came into this world with your own direction, your own internal map.

When you are creating the kind of support you need is personal. You won’t find it in a ‘blueprint for success’ or generic coaching program.


This is exactly what I help you with.

I provide a space where you can lean into your dream, your project, your business and take the time to let yourself hear the voice of your soul + your creative work speak to you.


I help you clear

  • emotional blocks that are causing you to procrastinate and feel overwhelmed,
  • patterns that are causing money-leaks,
  • beliefs that are draining your confidence, energy and ability to take creative action in your world.


Ask yourself this question…

How does your gentle heart, your dream, your business, your creative project speak to you?

🙋‍♀️1:1 soul coaching is personal to YOU and your creative work. You can chat with me about all this.

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xo Susan