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It’s not always easy to describe what I do as a soul coach.

But it’s tangible work (see…I’m rolling up my sleeves)
with tangible outcomes for you (you expand, release, complete, create, intuit, activate, let go, grow, rest, receive)

When you’re at a threshold,
facing upper limits,
visibility fears,
shadow influences,
in need of energy healing, mindset coaching and sensitive leadership,
I’m that someone you’ll want as an engaged and present partner.

My work as a soul coach is to
empower your fierce, soulful, creative, gifted self

And to bring along a quantum healing tool kit
for when you’ve lost your fierce-ness and feel deeply mired

I’m here
when you’re looking for safety in order to take risks

I’m here
holding compassionate space for you when you are moving in and out of ‘freeze’ or ‘collapse’

AND I’m here
when you are in magnetic flow
living with miracles, an abundance of divine downloads, courage, ease, spaciousness and joy

Soul coaching enlivens
your creative self
your human self
your inner being

When you’re at a threshold in your business,
bored, confused, procrastinating,
angry, grieving,
I’m the one you’ll be glad you have access to as you navigate this limnal space.

It’s not always easy to describe how I facilitate your journey but it’s tangible work with tangible outcomes.

Come talk more with me about you.

Embodied Soul Calls are free and the link is here!

xo Susan

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