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I think tough love creates a bed of trauma that ultimately will slow us down, both in my work with you and in your life going forward.

I ask myself how can I contribute to making the world a place where creatives and entrepreneurs can thrive?


This is what makes working with me different from a typical business, life or creativity coach…


  • I hold space for you to process, question, create your vision (NOT a tough love 💕 approach)
  • I offer energy healing and energy alchemy service as a regular part of your program
  • I am trauma informed so my responses can support you to get unstuck when you’re triggered
  • I create an intensely safe space for you. You can say what you actually need to say and feel the healing effects of being heard and seen without judgment
  • I create a coaching container designed for miracles, free of shame, criticism, bullying.
  • I address patriarchal influence in your life by becoming aware of its influence and choosing to starve those tentacles and nourish your soul’s needs instead


🙋🏻‍♀️ Soul coaching for women in business is not for every woman in business, but if you are someone who is wondering if I’m the right soul coach for you at this time in your business, come chat. 

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xo Susan