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I believe you have a shining light, an inner brilliance, a fearless and joyful heart that existed even before you lived in your mother’s womb.


I believe you can heal the imprints of rejection, criticism, failure and loss so the energy of renewal courses through every cell of your being.


I believe your body has a wisdom that protects you in your hardest moments. Your body stores memories and feelings. It keeps track of the traumas it has lived through, safeguarding them for you until you are ready to dissolve those holding patterns and be free.


I believe in the realm of subtle energies, God, the quantum field, synchronicities, ancestors and the unseen.


These are our allies as much as our teachers, parents, mentors and coaches.


Everything is created in this invisible realm before it appears in our physical world. Your own healing, creative projects, artwork, friendships, opportunities, relationships, businesses, communities and every other miracle all flow from the invisible realm.


I believe your soul is an eternal presence as timeless as the stars. It is your highest, wisest, most compassionate self and every time you take loving responsibility for connecting to that presence, the universe rearranges itself in miraculous ways for your benefit.


I believe you are your own transformational catalyst. When you give yourself permission to change, you create a new experience of life. Be endlessly permissive in this way.


I believe in you.


I believe in your ability to take responsibility for creating the miracles you’ve been searching for.


I love partnering with clients who want to instigate growth from these beliefs. This is our most productive and limitless way of growing your life or your business.


I invite you to book an Embodied Soul Call with me. 

love, Susan xo

Thanks to Kevin Light for this amazing pic of me in the freezing waters at sunrise on Willows beach.