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overcome block

1.  Recognize that you are blocked.  (There may be some crankiness involved)

2.  Accept that you are blocked. (There are some really good reasons you are blocked)

3.  Do some forgiveness work on some area of your life.  (This will release some feel good feelings that will remind you you are not always cranky and blocked even if there are good reasons for it)

4.  Get a haircut. (There’s no need to look bad while you have writer’s block…especially if the block goes on for months)

4.   Ask someone for help. (Preferably someone who helps you get in touch with with your protective inner selves AND your creative inner selves).  Thanks, Janelle.

5.  Just write anything and get going again.  (Don’t worry about having an editorial calendar.  Don’t worry about being organized.  Don’t worry about being profound.  Don’t worry about the blog picture.  Just do it.  You can upload a photo later.)

6.  Press PUBLISH.

7.  Do something else immediately so you can’t think about what you just did.   (I had a conversation with the woman cleaning our house.)