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This graphic was found on Dr. Mercola’s site.

So many products created for our personal care by big companies are created with toxics and endocrine disruptors.

I have known all this for a long time but it wasn’t until a year ago that I really, really, really took a very close look at my cosmetics and shampoo.  I have found that the natural products sometimes are quite honestly, terrible in terms of performance.  They don’t hurt me but they don’t work well either.

It wasn’t until I began to experiment with Young Living’s Savvy Mineral make up that I discovered vegan, plant-based products could be FABULOUS!  I won’t write a whole lot about them here today but I will in a few weeks.

Today, take a look at this list below of what to be wary of.

Go check your personal care products…see what is listed on the ingredients!

personal care products