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My Secret Tools

Sometimes those daytimers + google calendars + digital checklists just DON’T work!

I am one of those people who LOVES planning…especially on a blank piece of paper.   When the paper is clear + blank (+ my Sharpies are close by) my life becomes a potential work of art.

The humdrum can be a victory!

I know this is super low tech…it’s just the absolute best for when I must keep the blinders on and get ‘er  done!

It’s my planning grid.

Here’s how to do it.  Grid your paper (with colorful pens) and then list the tiny tasks that need to be done.  One task inside each square of the grid.

Awesome for…

  • monthly goals
  • when you have multiple businesses like mine and many small tasks you will do almost anything to forget/neglect, yet they do need to be complete daily + weekly
  • when your main tasks don’t need to be written down but you are working on a larger project with small steps that need to be done and you’ll not do them (cause you’re too tired) unless they are itemized and easy to see and you have a sense that they can be crossed off with a giant satisfying X
  • when you have to be your own accountability partner
  • when you are in overwhelm…make a grid with 8 boxes…fill them up with small tasks + be sure to include a self care item like ‘drink water’ in one box and complete.  Done.  Overwhelm (your inner child) says “look…I did it!”


A grid completely covered with x’s is a rainbow of satisfaction.