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Energy cords

Forgiveness + Business.

Many moons ago I heard Oprah say,


“Forgiveness means giving up the hope that the past could have been different.”


I wrote that down.  I loved it.

Since then, I have learned even if you logically accept the past is in the past, it doesn’t mean all your energy is with you now in present time.

You may be physically + psychologically in present time.  You take actions that move you forward in your life.   You work hard.  You also feel tired or frustrated that things are not moving as quickly or smoothly or as synchronistically as you’d like.

Your mind + body have let go of the past but your spirit has not.

Your spirit may not be energetically 100% in present time.

How does this impact your business TODAY?

If you have NOT forgiven someone or some event in your past then you still have energy from present time that is being siphoned to the past.



This means that you have less energy available for business NOW.


Don’t worry…you can help yourself.  Keep reading.

Okay…imagine this.  (Like…close your eyes + imagine…do it now…).


Imagine your body.   Standing up.  (Kinda like my little drawing above…)


There are 100 energy cords emerging from the image of your body. (Probably from the back of you…in the direction of the past.)


These cords are available to connect to some past event or relationship in your life.



See a past event that bothers you.

Notice how many of those 100 energy cords from your body are still attached to that past event.

Intuitively…imagine…how many cords?  81?  64?  23?


Now that you have imagined this…how many cords can you pull back into your present time?

You’ll probably notice that quite a few can be pulled back just with your awareness that you were still connected in some way to the past.


Now that you’ve noticed and intuitively pulled your energy back to present time, how many cords are still connected to the past event?  54?  17?  You’ll have your own number.


Put your hand on your heart.

Say, “It’s safe for me to have more energy in present time.”

You will probably notice that you can pull more cords to present time.  You will have fewer cords connecting you to that past event.


How many cords still connecting you to the past event?  46?  12?  4?


Hand on heart.  Say, “I am willing to release that person/event.  I am willing to let go of this issue that keeps us connected.”

You may notice that you are able to pull a few more cords back.


Whatever cords are left…ask yourself what would have to happen for you to pull these cords back to present time?

Journal, pray or talk to a friend about this.

Even if you still have a few energy cords connecting you to the past event, it will be less + you will begin noticing an increasing willingness to want to feel good + let go of energetic connections that drain you.

Over the last 10 years I have lived with this process using it for myself, clients + friends.  

I have experienced significantly more energy available for present time in play, work + relationships.

I’d love to hear your results with this!    I love it when readers leave comments!