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Monthly Energy Clearing

How monthly energy clearings work

Each week I do an energy clearing on you and the members of your home (people and pets).

I have a checklist of items I clear for, measuring the energy before and after the clearing for increases.

This clearing is done weekly for you wherever you are in the world.

It’s a $25 monthly fee to place your name on the list.

There are 2 payment options.

1. Sign up for one month at a time and manually pay for each month.  Clearings are completed each week for that month for you.

2.  Subscribe for automatic payment option each month which includes an energy clearing each week.  This is a recurring payment until you cancel.


Susan is a delight to work with. After clearing my new clinic space I immediately had an increase in bookings and patients reported a fresh balanced energy in the space. Definitely worthwhile and very effective.
C. Moffatt


I feel lighter and so does my space!

Karen Rothe

I woke up early the following week with more positive energy and ready to clean and decorate. In fact, my anxiety went down so much that I felt the effects in the other areas of my life for many weeks.


I feel lighter. More spacious.