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This work changes the course of the journey you are presently taking.

Intuitive Counselling is a conversation, a way of approaching the healing relationship, respectfully holding space for your story using a process of compassionate inquiry combined with insights I share during our intuitive readings or bodywork sessions.

I believe there is a connection between your body’s ailments and your emotional pain to your past experiences, your diet, your environment, your thoughts and beliefs. Whatever discomfort or imbalance you wish to address, intuitive counselling is offered in a supportive environment, without judgment.

Working with your mind means working with the entire body.  Your body holds truth.  Life situations, experiences, things you have witnessed and watched, leave traces in your being and your vibrational field.

Research suggests that what has happened to people matters less than whether they’ve processed what happened to them.   Getting support with this is crucial.

Working through what happened and placing our feelings of anger, shame, sadness in a healing context releases those feelings, transforming them into self-knowledge and self-worth.

For instance, trauma that has not been processed is stored in your body waiting for you to acknowledge it, feel it, and let it move through you.  Trauma is patient.  It can wait for decades until you feel ready, safe and open to healing that part of your life’s journey.


Sometimes it’s not that you have experienced a physical trauma but you hold limiting thoughts that create a limited experience of life.  You may already know you’re doing this but you are not able to resource the change within yourself. Together we create a space for you to bring healing to this experience.

Initial conversations (no fee) and appointments and healing packages here

You brought so much to our group, and everyone took away lots of nuggets from watching you gently guide others.

When I submitted your form, it asks at the end for my recommendation:
Mastery (beautifully done), Pass, Pass with advice, Pass with more mentoring, or Fail.

I’ve never checked the box “Mastery” before… you’re the first.

You have a special gift. I pray your work is blessed beyond your wildest dreams! 💕

Linda Piovesan

Susan's AFT mentor

AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique)

is a step-by-step process that triggers a permanent shift in how we experience ourselves and the world.

AFT is a tool for clearing blocks, negative memories and stressful or traumatic memories. You do not have to believe in the process for it to work and be effective.  AFT is transformational.

How does it work?

Memories that are stressful or traumatic are stored based on the feeling of the event, not on the details of the event.  This process impacts the limbic brain with this unique process and help shift the way the memory is stored and recalled.

Our conscious mind makes assumptions. 

Our conscious mind assumes that the memory creating stress or trauma is the one we consciously present.  This isn’t always the case.

With AFT we allow the unconscious mind to access our memories.

The unconscious mind presents us with events we may have forgotten or have not connected with our current concern.

AFT is an amazing tool to use as part of intuitive coaching and counselling.   Sometimes the events that are recalled seem unrelated to our present life circumstances but it’s the energetic imprint of that event we are healing.

AFT is effective with deeply embedded patterns and habits, long standing emotional issues, fear, anger, depression, anxiety, mindset, procrastination, unforgiveness, grief.


IEM combines reiki, white light healing, body talk, quantum touch, chakra care, intuitive counselling, energy healing, blessings and specially chosen plant medicines to provide a deeply restorative experience. 

This beautiful approach allows transformation, awareness and healing for your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.


It was like time stood still and I did not want the treatment to end. Intuitive energy massage was a new experience for me and I can not wait to experience it again.

Mona McClelland


So close your eyes right now.


Simply let the idea of body-mind-soul alignment drop into your heart and down through your belly.




Breathe again.


Breathe in the clear, clean space that instantly appears with the idea of that connection.

It’s not all conversation when bodywork is part of the healing process.  Our work together includes plant medicines to affect deep emotional shifts, the calming energetics provided by crystal healing, color therapy, movement therapy, nutritional suggestions, visualizations and guided meditations.


In a mind-body-soul healing process, the soul does not need healing, it is eternal and whole at all times.

Your soul brings healing to your body and your mind when you give it the time and space for that to happen. You probably know well what it feels like to be out of step with yourself and it’s not a great feeling.

Alignment with soul – your eternal nature – your wholeness – will bring relief, peace, wisdom and inner resourcefulness to your life.

The result for you will be greater flow in your life.  You will be able to ride the waves, storms and seasons of your life with increasing ease.


Raindrop Technique

Tension-buster, Sleep-bringer, Rejuvenator

Using 10 essential oils to create support for your spirit,  your immune system, and your physical body we bring balance to your emotional, spiritual and energetic self.

Your session takes place on the massage table.  The essential oils are applied topically to the soles of your feet and your back.  Allow 60 minutes for each treatment.  APPOINTMENTS HERE

Susan offers Raindrop Trainings.  Contact Susan to find out more.