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shineI know, I know…

…you read on everyone else’s blogs that hard work is old school.

It’s not.

Having a biz means you’ll have a load of tasks + be faced with your own fears + doubts + old, familiar, safe mindsets (that must change).

Because you are compelled to create your own biz…the one of your dreams…you are willing to work.

If you are not compelled to work, to make the call, to talk to the person, to create the product, to show up… in order to create your dream…it’s only because of this.

  1. You have a spiritual/emotional block.
  2. It’s not the biz of your dreams.

That’s it.

When I founded a music + movement school for children over 2 decades ago, it was work.  It was physical work.  It was also the first time I consciously chose to create out of  a place of trust in the invisible realm of spirit.

People were amazed at my success (no one else was doing what I was doing and this as we know is usually NOT a good thing in biz) and people used to comment on my success.  I used to say to them, “I’ve just been so lucky”.

A friend finally took me aside and said,
“Yeah…the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Stop saying it’s luck. You deserve your success.  Remember that.

Most people are just not willing to put in the combo effort to spiritually, emotionally + physically call in their success.”


Are you willing to do the spiritual + emotional work?  Do you even know how?

I’ve had my own businesses and been self-employed most of my life.

I’ve been surrounded by hard-working folk.  Peasant-farmer types.

My mom was a role model for me on how to work hard and get results.  She did not model the inner work, the gentle calling-it-in work.  She may have done it but she didn’t talk about it and I didn’t see it.

These things I’ve learned on my own.  I studied.  I read.  I paid attention.

What I’ve learned is yes, the physical effort matters and makes a big diff.  I have to take action but it’s the inner work that is the magic…that allows me to laugh and enjoy the building process…to see those coincidences, miracles + unexpected lucky times.

If you’re wondering if inner spiritual type work can work for you ask yourself…

1.  Was I imaginative as a child? 

2.  Am I willing to believe my business has a purpose beyond just making money?

Then, write down your vision and imagine it coming to life.