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good morning this is god

If you are really looking for an easy button…

the kind of button that allows you to  just hand over your problems in one fell swoop and let them go…

this is the only thing I can think of that might fit that criteria!

This lovely reminder is from www.drwaynedyer.com.

I first read about it many years ago in his book, “The Power of Intention”.

He had this message framed and hanging on the walls of his childrens’ bedrooms.


It’s that reminder we sometimes (sometimes) need to put our issues, burdens and problems down for a while.  Take a breather, a nap, a walk.  Do something else…paint a picture, make a meal, ride your bike.

Focus on larger, greater vistas of trees, oceans, birds or even impossibly tall buildings and let your mind and spirit free…just for a while.  See what happens to your impossible problems.

Also, I’m aware that not everyone uses the word ‘God’.  Please use a word that resonates for you.  I have a feeling Wayne Dyer would smile at your changes.


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