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Soul Coaching

1:1 Creative Partnership

Partner for an extended period to create ease for yourself as you move through thresholds in your life and business.

Step into these transformational sessions and delve into the master arrangement of your inner psychic and emotional world. 


Your deeply held beliefs are creating


energy for moving you forward




roadblocks holding you back.


Together we will gently unwind what’s not working.

You will grow in line with your deeper truth.

You will feel energized + clearer after each session.

You begin to feel you could do anything and you will have internal peace.  Your confidence will soar.  You will experience a deeper connection with your soul.

You will become emotionally + energetically more whole as you move to the next level in your journey.

Business strategy is useful and necessary but if strategy puts you into a world that continually activates your insecurities or wounding you will not manage as well. You will not thrive.

My programs support you and your business in a holistic way so if you choose to step into new territory with your work, you are held in an energetically, spiritually, soul responsive coaching container that meets you where you are at and holds space for your emergent prosperous future.

You will receive guidance and experienced business support delivered consciously, kindly + effectively.


The investment for these intimate, deeply personal soul coaching programs

$1800 CAD (3 months bi-weekly sessions)

$6000 CAD (5 months two sessions weekly)

Canadians add 5% GST to all programs.


Let’s talk more about what your sessions will look like when you book your initial call below.

I know you have dreams for yourself that may feel unreachable and you’re ready to create a different kind of container for your life.

You may feel like the box you’re living in is just not quite right for you anymore.  You have internal challenges and what feels like post trauma responses during your day even though you are continuing to show up for all your commitments and responsibilities.

You want support.

You feel coachable.

You may not feel all bright and shiny right at this moment but that’s because you are in transition.

You know in the core of your being that you are a light in the world and your work brings light to the world.

Sometimes when a woman takes a stand for herself and decides to commit to support from a mentor or coach, she is not feeling at her best.  This may be you right now.



You likely know at least one thing about yourself and that is that you have a growth mindset and creative dreams.

You’re ready to shine but you want support.  You feel ready to do the work.  You need someone who can listen with empathy.  You need guidance and you want to heal, grow and be brave.

My clients hire me to help them sort through transitional energies to build new businesses and expand their creative visions.

I work with women who already lead successful businesses.  I support these women in times of transition and when life calls for a reset.

I also work with women who are looking at a blank slate and starting new businesses.

Wherever you are, if your heart and your nervous system need care, that is a client I serve well.

I serve women who want a comprehensive program that includes

  • practical + mystical mindset coaching
  • subtle energy processes + soul work
  • somatic healing/nervous system support



Let’s talk more about what your program will look like when you book your call below.