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“The Greeks have two words for knowledge:  logos and gnosis.

What can be learned through education and scientific inquiry is logos.  What can be known through intuitive feelings and spiritual or mystical experiences is gnosis (no-sis).


Logos is rational, objective, logical, expressive in words or numbers, while gnosis is subjective, nonrational, nonverbal, feeling-tinged, expressible through poetry, images, metaphor, and music and is often unproveable by its very nature.


Every sacred experience is subjective:  the sense of oneness with the universe, or with divinity, a spiritual epiphany, a timeless moment infused with beauty, spiritual insight, and grace is gnosis.  Ineffable yet profoundly transformative – these are soul experiences.


Trust what you know is your bones from experiences such as these.”  (Jean Bolen)

I am someone who needs both.

I crave knowledge, learn even from the backs of cereal boxes and read voraciously.  I use this knowledge to feed my intuitive nature.  That knowledge seeps into my bones.  I feel it there.  It builds my confidence and gives my mind something to do so my creative, intuitive nature is free to play.

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