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“Susan knows how to ride the ebb and flow of authentic and natural learning with astonishing ease and grace. She knows how to inspire each child – the perfect amount of tenderness and toughness to help them connect with and to awaken them to their inner music.”

“Susan is one of those people that is a true blessing to know. She has an endearing personality that in our family makes “Susan-time” a cherished and anticipated time. Her passion for music and the musical profession are so evident in all that she designs in Musicalia, in her interests in community, performances and in her personal learning pursuits. I admire her expertise as well as her personable nature.”

“My 9 year old loves the one-on-one with Susan. Susan is not only a wonderful teacher but a wonderful adult for my daughter to spend time with. The lessons have been flexible and very beneficial.”


“Susan is kind, caring and a wonderfully inspiring teacher. Her gentle demeanour and quick praise has brought out our son’s artistic side like no other teacher or program has before.”


“Susan has helped my daughter blossom again after much loss and chaos.  Thank you for helping her to find her spirit and creative forces again!  We’d be lost without you!


“I love that my daughters love their programs.  My oldest cries if she has to miss it because of illness or vacation.  She learns so much, not feeling like she is ‘working’ at all.”


“I have been meaning to write you for years to say how much I feel you impacted my kids’ approach to music.  Our daughter is now 16 and sings in a choir and wants to sing more.    Our son has become a ballet enthusiast – he’s been at it four years now and this year he’ll be dancing four times a week with a school downtown.  They both love to sing and have a great ear for picking out arrangements, instruments and harmonies when we listen to music together.  Thank you!!”


“Susan has an incredible bond with the children.  She lets them be silly and have fun, within the parameters of rules, boundaries and respect.  They learn so much with Susan, because she is brilliant and truly cares about each child (and they know it!).”

“Every lesson is unique and remarkable because Susan is always in the moment, and she has the ability to follow and/or guide our child to the next great moment. We love Susan.  Keep up the great energy, work, enthusiasm.  We look forward to our time with you every Saturday morning.”


“Lessons with Susan are warm, fun, structured, motivating with an eye on the long term of life long musicality.  The fun and positivity doesn’t mean low expectations!”


“She’s fun & she inspires me to play and be creative.”


“She is remarkable!  Our children like absolutely everything about lessons with Susan.  Seriously.”


“Thank you for your lesson today!  [Our daughter] did a complete about face after you left and is filled with such joy at the moment.  Thank you!!!”


“It’s a treat for our kids (and their parents) to have in-home lessons and not to have to shuttle off busily to another after-school program!”


“Susan’s energy is amazing.  She enjoys her work and her passion for music, kids and creating all shines through!!”


“I love that you got right down on the floor with our daughter within the first five minutes.  You make it all so accessible to her. Your receptivity to her playfulness and your gentle guidance – she’s loving to learn about music.  THANK YOU, SUSAN!”


“We LOVE them!” (adult students)

“I really like my music with Susan. I had never liked music at school, and now because of Musicalia I do! (Nathan, age 7). His mom says, “Best experience ever! Nathan looks forward to the improvised duets at the end of his lesson.”

Nathan’s “thank you” composition


Studio Policies


  • $88/hour payable by cheque or cash
  • Lessons take place in your home
  • If music books and printed music are used at the lesson they are an additional fee. Susan does have an extensive music library and she is happy to loan material where applicable
  • Please make cheques payable to: Susan Seale
  • Fees may be divided into payments with post-dated cheques if desired
  • Full payment of fees are due at the beginning of each term, even if fees are paid with post-dated cheques
  • Tax receipts are provided at the end of each calendar year
  • Examples of fees based on 14 week term below.
    • 15 min lesson x 14 lessons = $308
    • 30 min lesson x 14 lessons = $616
    • 45 min lesson x 14 lessons = $924
    • 60 min lesson x 14 lessons = $1232

Yearly Calendar

  • School year lessons are typically scheduled on a weekly schedule
  • Summer lessons available and booked individually
  • No lessons on statutory holidays
  • The yearly calendar outlines holidays and breaks
  • Schedule is individualized for each family to accommodate Christmas and Springbreak school calendars
  • Lesson are booked in advance with the understanding that those preset dates comprise registration
  • 2018-2019 terms as follows: September – December 2019 (approximately 12 weeks of lessons)  January – June 2020 (approx. 20-22 weeks of lessons)
  • Lesson invoices will reflect the longer second term


  • Registration means you agree to pay for all scheduled lessons outlined on the yearly calendar upon registration
  • Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons
  • Please note medical/dental appointments, birthday parties and other outside activities are not acceptable reasons to cancel and expect Susan to reserve your lesson time from week to week
  • There are no make-up lesson times reserved.