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Are you in business as a creative, an intuitive or a healer?

This is an energy healing program for you as a business owner.

We all need support and community.

Have you ever wished you had people you could talk to about your business?

  • Someone who would understand that there are times when you feel afraid or stuck?
  • Someone who would understand when disappointments are creating heaviness and then know what to do about it?
  • Someone who also has a business and knows what it’s like when decisions are harder, money is a worry and the voices of self-doubt are getting louder?


Together we move through energy processes that bring all parts of you into present time so you can make decisions more easily, have more confidence in your work, release disappointments more quickly, feel light and safe working on your business itself (which is different from actually doing your healing, creative or intuitive work).


Inspirata Collective is made for you if…

  • Intuition is your compass (except when your intuition seems off because you’ve been triggered in some way and are afraid or angry)
  • Self-Compassion is something you need (but sometimes forget)
  • You crave gentle energetic support in those times when fear, disappointment, confusion, money worries, self-doubt and negativity are stalking you
  • You already know that alignment of your physical body + nervous system, emotions, auric + energy bodies are potent + essential for you to succeed


Envision a relaxed, supportive, gentle gathering with the potential for healing and self-understanding. This is not networking. This is a visioning and clearing experience.


Uplift your sense of self, support your prosperity and nurture your sense of thriving in life.


Private healing & coaching programs now available.

Contact Susan for more details.