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Non-toxic to you and your enviroment AND effectively repellent to bugs)

Thanks to Alysha (a member in our Facebook group) for this amazing recipe.  She created a spray-on mosquito repellent to use on her little boy, her husband and some friends.

Alysha’s story below!

We went for a hike in one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been to, Ricketts Glen (Pennsylvania). It’s got waterfalls galore.

But at the bottom of the trail, before you hit the falls, is just filled with pesky mosquitos!!

I had to QUICKLY make a DIY mosquito repellent, so I grabbed a spray bottle, put some water in and added:

Peppermint EO
Eucalyptus Globulus EO
Rosemary EO
Patchouli EO

Out of the 4 of us hiking, we had ONE mosquito! All while we watched the people around us swatting and complainin.


Alysha and I use Young Living Essential Oils and while I know there are many lovely brands, Young Living is the only one that so far has not given me headaches or made my body react negatively in some way.  I encourage you to try Young Living oils if you have not had a chance. 

Try a sample!

I’m happy to mix a sample Alysha’s repellent and pop it in the mail for you to try. 

Contact me.

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