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I am here for the woman who walks through life heart-first.

She creates safe spaces for herself so she can tend to her soul, her grief, her dreams, desires and her feelings of disconnection.


This woman works with coaches, intuitives, teachers, healers and therapists because she doesn’t believe in struggling alone, She’s committed to taking action in her business AND in her life.


I am here for the woman whose eyes roll at anything that suggests healing can be done in a box or that one-way-fits-all. Those catchy slogans…’change your mind, change your life’ or ‘how to create a silver lining life’…those things cause her to shut off her phone and walk away. She knows better.


I am here for the woman who has learned her body is a wand of intuition and it has access to wisdom beyond present time.


She knows that stored negativity is a recipe for anxiety, fear, depression and sadness and that it needs to be released.


I am here for those who choose love themselves.


🤍🌸🤍I am here for those who choose to activate their own transformational magic.


I am here for those who believe they can be whole and they’re not accepting anything less.


💫🙋🏻‍♀️When you are ready to feel creatively supported in your life and as you grow your business, I am here for you.


xo Susan

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