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catwomanLast week I was speaking to a beautiful, talented young woman just starting her own business.

I recommended for her to read Lessons of a Lipstick Queen by Poppy King.

I recommended it because I love Poppy’s super engaging, creative way of talking about building a business.


Poppy has the perfect description of me + my coaching business right now

“If you have ever lived with a cat, you may have seen them moving round and round in a circle before deciding exactly where to sit.  Once they’ve picked a spot, though, you can’t budge them.  That’s what a marketing point of view should be like.  Circle around the vicinity where you are looking to market, then decide on what it is you are saying, and sit on it.” (Poppy King)



Me (with short hair) and Tigger while on the trip of a lifetime.  One of the families I worked with when I had my school, took me to Disneyland.  Their dad really didn’t want to go to and I love Disneyland so I offered to go in his place.

I’m like that cat moving round and round my coaching business not having decided exactly where to sit yet.

I have so many interests and gifts in business and life. I’m in that stage of growing my new business as a coach where I’m trying things on to see if I like them.

Sometimes I feel like I’m bouncing around with Tigger!

Exactly how do I want to niche? (It’s recommended, of course…niche-ing)  Picking that one perfect little zone of genius that only you can really serve in the unique way that you uniquely possess.


My (adult) History In Biz

When I started Musicalia I resisted niche-ing. Musicalia wasn’t a music school in the beginning, it was an Educational Service.

I officially registered my business as ‘Musicalia Educational Services’.  The Musicalia bit came from a dream I’d had and even though I didn’t know exactly what I’d do in my business I knew for sure it would have the name “musicalia” in it.

I offered music lessons and creativity classes for adults as well as multi-generational music workshops, professional development workshops for classroom teachers, worked as a travelling consultant to school districts, accepted commissions for book-binding projects and large scale acrylic paintings.

IMG_0092A strange mix I know but I was trying to figure out how to break out of my union-controlled teaching position in the school district and was literally throwing everything into the mix.


I was circling.  Big time.

It just happened that I was teaching a baby music class for my 1 year-old nephew on Saturday mornings as a favour to my sister. Those classes grew exponentially over an 18- month period (like from 3 babies to 120) and I ended up not having time for all that other stuff. In the end, I had to niche and give the rest of it up.

I had circled around my community to see which of my gifts would be most attractive and also create an income.

That’s how my music school was born. Organically. So organically, I had quite a few people tell me to ‘grow up’ and go back to my real job. That was over 2 decades ago so clearly I didn’t listen to them.

The music school is now closed and I’m trying to determine which of my gifts will be most outwardly useful AND self-delighting now?

My Current Circling Thoughts

Will I coach only women?

Will I focus only on Forgiveness?  see…Forgiveness House

Will I include programs on money? (I LOVE talking about money mindset, wealth building and money healing so I’m definitely leaning to creating something here.)

Will I include only self-study programs? 1:1 coaching? group coaching too?

Will I include my gifts at creativity coaching?

Will I ONLY focus on business coaching…hmmm…no, I think not…I need my coaching to be connected to something heartfelt.  Straight biz doesn’t do it for me.

Will I work only with beginners? Women over 40? Under 40? With creatives? With folks who need emotional relief? Will I do energy work…only? Or as part of my life coaching?

I’m circling.

Where will I feel good?

Where can I give from my heart?

Where do others think I serve best?

Where will I make the most money?

Will I use my intuitive gifts?   Can I help but use them?

I’m circling…like that cat.

And the young woman I spoke to last week sent me a message.

“I loved talking to you.  You really have something special that resonated with me so much, so thank you.  So happy you reached out to me.”

I spoke with many people last week.  It’s part of my circling.  My intuitive gifts had me reaching out to this woman because I knew she needed an ear.  Most people contact me though:)

The one thing I know for sure right now is I LOVE talking to people about their lives AND businesses. I feel completely awake when I do. I feel like I’m on purpose and doing something I should be doing.

I love…

  • talking to people who really want to workshop and express their thoughts
  • being the person with the puzzle-solving brain
  • talking to people who love my ‘intuitive hits’
  • those working jam-session strategy sessions full of ideas, brainstorms and possibility for other people’s businesses
  • the energy created by problem solving and how spent I feel afterward
  • sitting with folks who are in pain, hearing their heart’s expression, their fears, their challenges, supporting them as they move back to center
  • the ease of energy healing work
  • meeting new people
  • that my client base is international now (wow)

Are you circling?

Or do you know exactly what you’re marketing and centered on in your biz?

I’d love to know exactly what YOU do.

Hopefully you will be able to leave a link to your website if you have one.  See you in the comments!