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{1} Why use essential oils

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When you feel good EVERYTHING in your life feels doable.

If your energy is low and you are constantly fighting illnesses and stuff the kids bring home from school, life can feel like a lot of work instead of being in an energized flow.

When you are suffering from stress and worries, it’s harder to enjoy work, home life or social times.

Your health and wellness are a vital part of your success in life.

Essential oils can make a healthy impact in just about every area of your life.


So much so that sometimes I wonder what it is they can’t do!?


Essential oils can even be used in the practice of feng shui and for chakra healing.


For example, stress is a difficult part of any day for many of us!

You can use essential oils for feng shui to change and create a better energy flow in your living space and so lower your stress?

The best essential oils for a relaxing feng shui are:

  • 2-3 drops cedarwood oil with 2-3 drops orange essential oil
  • lavender
  • 3 drops spearmint, 2 peppermint & 2 drops rosemary
  • rose
  • ylang ylang
  • neroli
  • thyme


Also essential oils may support clearing a room of negative energy and effects of negative thinking.  Negative thoughts create grey energetic clouds that collect in the corners of a room both near the floor and near the ceiling.  You may not see these clouds but if you work someone trained to clear energy in a space (like me) that person will help you dissolve and release negative energy from your space.  Using essential oils is often one of my many tools and it is an easy tool for you to use daily in your own home.

For clearing negativity from a room I use whatever oils I am loving at the moment OR

  • Northern Lights Black Spruce
  • a blend called Purification
  • a blend called Christmas Spirit
  • Frankincense, Palo Santo or Lemon!

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Not all brands of oils are created the same way (unfortunately)…

Every other beautiful brand of oils I have tried has given me a headache or made me gag. 

I am sharing my discovery about Young Living with you because they are the only brand of essential oil my body will tolerate. 

Keep reading…

Essential oils can help you:

  • stay inspired
  • feel uplifted
  • sleep more soundly so you have a clearer mind the next day
  • heal from past trauma
  • remember to treat yourself with care and kindness
  • soothe sore muscles after exercise
  • feel more confident and grounded
  • have a fresh smelling car
  • create a home that is truly toxin-free
  • reduce the need for caffeine to stay alert and focussed
  • create a calming home environment
  • clear a room from negative energies
  • help your family with their everyday wellness and general health maintenance
  • offer support to your loved ones when they are fighting headaches, coughs, colds, anxiety, arthritis, eczema, dermatitis, acne, bruises, sprains, strains and stress
  • create deliciously flavored drinks and meals
  • keep your workspace clean + toxin free
  • create beautiful gifts for friends and family
  • digestive issues
  • and more!

Essential oils have helped me:

  • heal from deep grief and recover my joy
  • add a significant income stream to my portfolio
  • relax sore muscles after yoga
  • create a healthier home
  • clean without ever using or breathing in toxins
  • eliminate toxic cleaning products from home and work
  • create beautiful daily rituals in my self-care practice
  • create the most beautiful skin nourishing oil blends for my face
  • have the most aromatically relaxing bathing I’ve ever experienced
  • improve my digestion and help with headaches
  • ease my suffering from food sensitivities (much faster than the enzymes I used to use)
  • eliminate aching joints
  • heal mosquito bites within days (rather than the 2-3 months it usually takes for my body to stop itching from one)
  • sleep deeply and wake feeling rested
  • create a home spa and healthier air
  • make the house smell amazing
  • create an entirely new line of work!  (who knew I was going to become an aromatherapist and feng shui practitioner at this stage of my life?!)

how to order

How To Get Started Using Essential Oils in Our Wellness Community


Getting started is super easy and it’s affordable.

You can get your own starter kit HERE.

I want to make sure you are an informed consumer and making the best decisions for you and your loved ones, so please read this first.

The Starter kit is the best price Young Living offers for getting started.  It’s 50% off retail price, and it’s the only product available for 50% off on the Young Living website.

What’s included in the essential oil starter kit?

11 (eleven) essential oils!

  • lemon, peppermint, frankincense, lavender, copaiba, Northern Lights black spruce
  • Thieves, R.C., Panaway, DiGize, Purification
  • a diffuser!
  • a roller ball
  • 10 tiny (adorable) sample bottles to drop oils in so you can share with your friends or use for travel.
  • 2 Ningxia packets to try and some extra goodies. (Ningxia is a wellness drink that includes wolfberry and is infused with essential oils.  It’s touted for its awesome and amazing antioxidants and super food nutritional value. And it’s delicious.)

Young Living knows how to WOW their customers. The kit is beautifully packaged and they always pack extra tips, or a newsletter, or educational information. You will LOVE IT.


There is no membership fee EVER. There is no monthly obligation to buy or pay anything whatsoever. No strings attached.


In Canada, you automatically become a wholesale member when you purchase a kit so that you can save money on these high quality oils. You’ll save 24% at minimum, and have the opportunity to get rewards points moving forward.

There is an amazing wellness subscription service called Essential Rewards.  It allows you to order as a wholesale member with the lowest shipping costs and depending on what’s in your monthly subscription, Young Living sends you free oils, nutritional supplements AND you earn a percentage back that you can save up and purchase free product with.  You can opt in to the ER program when you purchase your starter kit or sign up any time after.  In Canada we have a special offer of additional free diffusers for folks who sign up for the ER program and order 3 consecutive months in a row or 9 months in a row.


Young Living uses a process called Seed To Seal. That means that the essential oils you’ll receive come by way of a highly controlled, non-reproducible system. These oils are THE BEST quality you’ll find on the planet. Here’s why Young Living is the best.


The diffuser you’ll receive is medical-grade. Since you’ll be using absolute pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, you can rest assured that they won’t eat through the plastic.


When you buy the Starter Kit, you’ll also get a roller attachment that you can pop onto any of your bottles. Think about where you might want to roll a relaxing oil, and what oil to use!

why Young Living?

Reasons Why I Use Young Living Essential Oils


1. Young Living is the pioneer of the modern essential oils movement.  No one else has been at it as long.  Young Living has been the leader in the industry for decades and no one else has been an innovative or as committed to creating this pure and potent a product.   Young Living was creating essential oils and organic products for self care and cleaning before it was trendy.  They are a company others try to emulate and copy and compete with.  Young Living sets the standard everyone else is trying to market themselves around.


2. Young Living offers a Seed to Seal Promise. They do not outsource their distilling process, and they own (yes, OWN) most of the farms where they harvest. They control the land on which they grow, which means much higher quality. They grow organically and use essential oils to control pests, no toxic-to-us pesticides. Read more about the incomparable Seed to Seal Promise.


3. They take their third party testing seriously. Young Living uses true 3rd party testing and discloses the 3rd party publicly. They ensure that the 3rd party is not affiliated with the company in any way other than to give the quality test.


4. They offer an astounding number of organic single oils and blends — far more than other companies.  If you buy essential oils from a store like Whole Foods or a health store they will never be of the highest quality.  Even if you read the label and it says therapeutic…it may not be organic.  Or maybe there are fillers or synthetics in the mix.  I would not purchase an essential oil from a health food store now that I know so much about them.  I’ve even tried wild-crafted oils from a beautiful company that I believed made a high quality oil and those oils gave me a headache. The essential oil industry is highly unregulated, and Young Living has set the bar high.


5. Young Living offers organic, pure and potent essential oils, and have been the only oils I haven’t had a negative reaction to.  But that’s not all.  They also have an entire line of natural, pure household and beauty products. That means instead of walking down the aisles of the grocery store, reading every label to make sure the ingredients are OK to use in your home, you can rest assured that everything you buy from Young Living is natural and pure with no harsh toxins.


6. They give back in major ways all over the globe. I think the Foundation may be my favorite thing about this company!  The Young Living Foundation is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their potential and defy limitations by providing wellness and education opportunities to underserved communities. Their latest projects include rebuilding 112 homes and 2 schools in Nepal after the devastating earthquake, Hope For Justice to end human trafficking and slavery in southeast Asia, Maestral Orphanage providing support to 125 children and young adults who have been removed from their families due to neglect, abuse, or other issues in Croatia, and more … Read about all of the projects here.


7. They offer farm tours! No another essential oils company that does this. Talk about trust-worthiness. You can visit a farm and see the harvesting and distillery process for yourself. You can participate in some of the farming programs.  Young Living has farms open to the public, all over the world from Utah to France to Australia to South America and more.  The global map is HERE.


8. Young Living is committed to ethical business practices and follows the DSA Code of Ethics. Young Living is a well-established, long running essential oils company with an awesome track record.


9. Partnering with a global company is a wealth-building strategy.  Partnering with Young Living, is a beautiful way to create an income stream to build your wealth. While no one who uses the Young Living oils and products is ever obligated to sell them or operate as a business, for the people who do decide to create a business for themselves, Young Living has taken care of pretty much everything from shipping the product and ensuring their website is accessible for folks from almost every country.  This is a modern company and they are growing around the globe.


10. Direct sales is fun and social. I’m accustomed to being a solo entrepreneur and I’ve been solo most of my life, having to find the courage to talk to strangers, make calls and send letters to find clients and create work for myself.  I have been very successful at it because I had highly specialized skills in music and movement…I was “niched”.  Also, I was persistent and reliable.

This kind of business (Young Living) is different.  It takes MUCH less energy because you have a community to lean on.  I don’t feel as though I’m alone  anymore and I did NOT expect that.  The oils sell themselves.  My job now, is to share and be my best self.  It’s all about living the example that you wish for others. Just being yourself is what brings people to you and to Young Living.