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The School of Intention

The School of Intention






Feng shui is based on the principles in the Li Shu or Book of Rites, which decrees the basic priniciples of Chinese religious beliefs, with its focus on order, harmony between the heavens and earth and the adherence to a structure that will help humanity maintain the balance of nature.  (The School of Intention, Dana Claudat)

The School of Intention takes these classical principles and infuses them with modern science, modern psychology and the beautiful world of Intention…the empowerment of believing in infinite possiblity.

Our work together starts with intention.


It starts with the desire to know that everything is possible and we can create our own lives. 


The School of Intention is definitely not rooted in predictive models, mysticism or religious practices.  We are not using compasses.  We are not dealing with lucky and unlucky in determining luck or fortune.

I’ve dipped my toes into so many feng shui worlds and it wasn’t until I connected with The School of Intention, that I could feel my entire body relax.  This was a model of feng shui practice I could feel aligned with.

I don’t believe in LUCK – I believe in YOU.

The more that we believe in ourselves, the more we know that we “create” luck.  (D. Claudat)

What is intuitive counselling

What is intuitive counselling

Intuitive counselling is a conversation, a non-judgmental way of approaching the healing relationship.

Respectfully holding space for you story using a process of compassionate inquiry combined with insights I share during our intuitive readings or bodywork sessions, we bring healing to your life.

I believe there is a connections between your body’s ailments and your emotional pain to your past experiences, your diet, your environment, your thoughts and beliefs.  Whatever discomfort or imbalance you wish to address, intuitive counselling is offfered in a supportive environment, without judgment.

Working with your mind means working with the entire body.  Your body holds truth. Life situations, experiences, things you have witnessed and watched, leave traces in your being and your vibrational field.

For instance, trauma that has not been processed is stored in your body waiting for you to acknowledge it, feel it, and let it move through you.  Trauma is patient.  I can wait for decades until you feel ready, safe and open to healing that part of your life’s journey.

Sometimes it’s not that you have experienced a physical trauma but you hold limiting thoughts that create a limited experience of life. You may already know you’re doing this but you are not able to resource the change within yourself.   Together we creat a space for you to bring healing to this experience.

It’s not all conversation when bodywork is part of the healing process.  Our work together may include the use of essential oils to affect deep emotional shifts, the calming energetics provided by crystal healing, color therapy, movement therapy, nutritional suggestions, visualizations, prayer and guided meditations,

In a mind-body-soul healing process, the soul does not need healing, it is eternal and whole at all times.

Your soul brings healing to your bodymind when you give it the time and space for that to happen.

You probably know well what it feels like to be out of step with yourself and it’s not a great feeling.


So close your eyes right now

Simply let the idea of body-mind-soul alignment drop into your heart

and down through your belly.

Breathe in the clear, clean space that instantly appears with the idea of that connection.


Alignment with soul…your eternal nature…your wholeness…will bring relief, peace, wisdom and inner resourcefulness to your life.

The result for you will be greater flow in your life.  You will be able to ride the waves, storms and seasons of your life with increasing ease.

Improvising + creating a business after 50

Improvising + creating a business after 50

“If the metaphor is music, her instrument is herself and the deep theme of her song follows the beat of her heart.  Each phase is like a different movement in a major work, with variations on her theme.  Until the music ends, crones will improvise.”  Jean Shinoda Bolen

Just sayin’…

On intuition

On intuition

“The Greeks have two words for knowledge:  logos and gnosis.

What can be learned through education and scientific inquiry is logos.  What can be known through intuitive feelings and spiritual or mystical experiences is gnosis (no-sis).


Logos is rational, objective, logical, expressive in words or numbers, while gnosis is subjective, nonrational, nonverbal, feeling-tinged, expressible through poetry, images, metaphor, and music and is often unproveable by its very nature.


Every sacred experience is subjective:  the sense of oneness with the universe, or with divinity, a spiritual epiphany, a timeless moment infused with beauty, spiritual insight, and grace is gnosis.  Ineffable yet profoundly transformative – these are soul experiences.


Trust what you know is your bones from experiences such as these.”  (Jean Bolen)

I am someone who needs both.

I crave knowledge, learn even from the backs of cereal boxes and read voraciously.  I use this knowledge to feed my intuitive nature.  That knowledge seeps into my bones.  I feel it there.  It builds my confidence and gives my mind something to do so my creative, intuitive nature is free to play.



“As we grow older, especially if we are outer-directed, it is not difficult to find more and more to whine about.  This poses a risk of a negative transformation into the archetypal martyr-mother.”


“She resisted the temptation to call me up and whine when confronted with the daunting task of unpacking and beginning a new life.  Instead she play-acted an exaggerated version of her whiner, with just herself as the audience, and then kept on with what had to be done.”  (Crones Don’t Whine by Jean Shinoda Bolen)

So I suggest taking time for yourself.





Eat food you love.

Watch the sun rise because it reassures you and is nourishment for your soul.

Moon gaze because it reminds you of the connections you have to stardust.

If you feel whiny I really think you just need more time to yourself.  Go inward.